5 Benefits of Using a Private Hard Money Lender

The pros of private money lenders are obvious to people who have gone through the hassle of borrowing from huge banks.  With private money lenders, California real estate investors can get loans more conveniently and affordably.  Private hard money lenders are especially helpful to real estate property owners.  Here are five reasons why private lenders could be your best choice when taking out a hard money loan:


  • You Can Get the Money Quickly


When you borrow a hard money loan from a private lender, you get the money much more quickly.  There is no long, bureaucratic application process.  For example, when you borrow from North Coast Financial, you can get the money in your bank account in one week or less.


  • Deal with Brokers You Know Personally


Private hard money lenders tend to be smaller operations.  There is more of a community feel.  You will get to know your broker.  He will treat you like a colleague and not like a number.


  • Discuss Different Options with Your Broker


When you try to borrow from a huge business, the response to your application can be a resounding “no” with no further explanation.  A private broker will take the time to discuss the types of hard money loans for which you do qualify.


  • It’s Less Expensive


Private lenders can compete with big banks by setting lower fees and lower interest rates.


  • Better Customer Service


Private lenders don’t have as many clients as big banks.  They have more time to devote to you the borrower and your questions and concerns.

Private hard money lenders have many of the same advantages as other local businesses, instead of big, faceless corporations.  Additionally, they can get you your loans more quickly and for a lower price.


How to Find the Right Person for the Job Without Spending Too Much

It is always every business owner’s goal to find the perfect people who will work for their company. However, you find out that wanting so isn’t always as easy as doing so.

The truth is: Your employees are the ones who make or break your business, so while it is tempting to hire the first person who walks in with all his qualifications in tow to get it over with, it pays to be able to improve your company’s hiring process.

Understand the job requirements.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to understand the requirements of the job opening before anyone else. Some of the attributes may involve education, experience, and personality. To help you with a job analysis, don’t hesitate to seek help from supervisors or employees of other companies with similar job posts.

When you fully understand the demands of the job, only then can you create an attention-seeking job description, which will list any educational requirements, specialized skills, and desired experience associated to the job to be filled.

Get proof that they have what it takes.

There’s a reason why it’s called a “hiring process,” and it’s because it involves levels and a series of tests. Get the proof that you need to ensure you are hiring the right person by testing your employees, especially if their job involves crucial technicalities. Depending solely on a resume and an interview may give you a hit-or-miss hiring success rate.

Make your interview interesting.

Aside from sticking to the standard job interview, as in a conference-room type meeting or busting out the cliché questions of what their strengths and weaknesses are, don’t hesitate to be more creative when talking with a potential employee.

Give him some challenging situations that they may not have prepared for. You may even ask your employees to help you on that, as they will be the ones who will be working with that person directly.

Ensure workplace safety.

Drugs and work don’t ever make a good combination. Aside from the fact that it affects productivity, having drug abusers as employees can compromise workplace safety. Hiring people for your company should guarantee assets and not liabilities.

To avoid the unnecessary trouble within your business, it might be best to consider a pre-employment marijuana testing for future applicants. By making sure that they are drug-free through a marijuana drug test or a THC test, there’s one less thing to worry about in your pursuit of finding the right candidate.


When you think about it, hiring truly qualified employees for your company is not a far-fetched dream, yet it involves a process, which could be arduous, that you must be willing to take. After all, it is the outcome of the effort that truly matters in the end.

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When to Hire a Tax Preparer

For the average layperson, doing taxes is not a lot of fun; most of us really don’t know enough about this to feel confident in our tax filing skills. If your tax situation is straight-forward and uncomplicated, filing on your own with tax software can be simple. There are certain situations, though, when a tax pro is pretty darn close to a necessity. Learn when to hire a tax professional for your sanity and your wallet.

You’ve Started a Business

If you’ve recently launched a business, chances are you did a lot of research and know what you’re doing. However, the tax laws for these businesses are a whole different ball game. Don’t wait until you make mistakes. Hire a tax preparer the first year you’re in business or risk going down a bad road before you even get started.

You’ve Inherited Money

Inheriting money can be a wonderful thing, especially if it comes at a time in your life when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. This is all the more reason to hire a tax preparer, as he or she can help you avoid paying large capital gains taxes on this sum.

You Got Married, Divorced, or Had Children

Any change in your family status would make it extremely helpful for you to hire a tax preparer. Depending on when you got married, your tax professional could tell you whether it would be more beneficial for you to file jointly or separately. Conversely, your tax professional can help you tackle unpaid tax liabilities caused by a former business partner. This person could also help you ensure that you’re filing your alimony correctly. Having children simply means filing differently; it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to leaving money on the table.

You’ve Made Mistakes on Past Taxes

Let’s face it—doing taxes isn’t for everyone. Many of us simply have no idea how to file, anything about deductions, or even the first thing about tax breaks and credits. Because this ignorance often means money out of our pockets, it’s best to hire a tax pro if you’ve made errors on past tax filings. Not only that, but your tax pro can help you go in and rectify mistakes from past years.

You’ve Purchased Real Estate

We’ve all heard about the tax breaks you’ll get as a home owner. It’s often what motivates many renters to get in the game. But what do you do if you have no idea how it works? Well, you hire a tax preparer. As Barbara Taibi, a partner at accounting firm EisnerAmper, says via US News, “For the sale of a house, if it’s your primary residence and you live in the house and own the house [for at least] two out of the last five years, you may qualify for a capital gains exclusion of a half million dollars if it’s a joint return.” Now that’s significant and something you likely wouldn’t have known without consulting a tax pro.

You’ve Adopted a Child or Children

Adoption is a lengthy and bureaucratic procedure in and of itself, but often the most rewarding thing many parents will say they’ve ever done. On top of expanding your family, though, you need to know about the tax filing factors that go with this. As that same US News article notes, the IRS was offering a tax credit of up to $13,400 per child as of 2015. This is for expenses related to the adoption and is considered in relation to income limits. In order to properly document payments and submit eligible expenses on your tax returns, you need to hire a tax advocate.

If you’ve done taxes on your own as well as hired a tax preparer, you likely know that the latter is the safer way to go. With knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws and how to submit and document everything correctly, the amount you pay this person will likely pay off in a big way when it comes to tax refunds.


The Difference between Executive Suites and Standard Office Space Rental

Businesses in the US are well versed in new and alternative corporate models. While it’s true America is a vast country, most of its cities are forward thinking, ambitious, and eager to push boundaries. This is why you’ll find a huge variety of office leasing options. There’s a place for everybody here. So, commercial real estate comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you’re searching for an office space in Miami, New York, or Texas, it’s helpful to know what is available. There are plenty of options for those who don’t want a long hold lease or lock in clauses. For instance, executive suites and office space rentals make luxury affordable. These premium suites offer flexible terms, manageable payments, and plentiful perks.

Executive suites are a little different to standard offices, as the monthly fee covers more than just the physical space. Keep reading to find out what this means for tenants.

The ‘Everything’ Package

The first big difference, then, is that executive suites are offered on a serviced basis. This means they are leased as complete packages. On the day that tenants move in, the heating, lighting, air conditioning, and other key utilities are established and ready to go. There is a cleaning crew on-site, and all general maintenance is handled by third-party staff.

It means executive offices are cared for by the vendor. Everything beyond the scope of your business is the responsibility of facility support staff. For instance, if a light bulb blows or a sink gets clogged, you can call the team to fix it at no extra cost. Obviously, this is very different to a standard lease, as regular offices are managed entirely by tenants.

The Single Monthly Payment

All of the support and assistance described above is covered by the quoted fee. You don’t pay any more than the monthly premium originally stated. Serviced vendors have their own policies, so terms do differ among providers. Some include more than the key utilities in their rental fees. Others offer a basic package and allow tenants to customise their rental plans.

It is a major asset because office leases are an expensive affair, no matter where you call home. The most prestigious, sought-after locations are guaranteed to get businesses noticed, but they are tough to secure. With executive suites, all overheads are rolled into a single monthly payment in order to make the expense as manageable as possible.

The Best Office in Town

There are plenty of incredible, impeccably designed offices all over the United States. If you’ve got the cash to flash, you can lease down the street from the Empire State Building, Fort Lauderdale Beach, or even the President. However, without the serviced element of an executive suite, the luxury only extends so far.

The rest is yours to create. Whereas, with serviced offices, tenants move into fully furnished workspaces that have been kitted out with world-class materials. The décor, furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, flooring, and more are all designed with productivity in mind. It can take years to reach this level of quality alone, but executive suites offer businesses a shortcut.

Searching for Executive Offices in Your City

If you’re interested in leasing an executive office, the first step is to research vendors in your city. It’s true that some serviced providers are branching out and moving to the suburbs. This is a gradual process though, and you’ll still find most of these offices in central locations. Find a premium provider, arrange to have a guided tour, and check out the facility for yourself.


Your Guide to Becoming a Landlord

Flexibility and endless profits are the promise of real estate investing, and many modern entrepreneurs have been quick to dip their toes into the pool of rental properties. Unfortunately, renting out a property isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, and without the right strategies and finances in place, becoming a landlord can be a fool’s errand. If you’re considering a foray into this career path, follow these key steps to ensure your venture is a success.

Research, Research, and Research Some More

Watching HGTV and reading one landlord advice column does not make a landlord. In order to make this career choice truly successful, you’ll need to become well-versed on all things real estate. Take in as much literature on the subject as possible, speak with seasoned real estate professionals who have done it all (and done it well), and attend classes, speaking engagements, and seminars in your city to better determine what success looks like in your local economy.

Incorporating these practices into your business model will do many things:

  • Help you determine which neighborhoods offer the opportunity and profit potential you desire
  • Teach you how to attract high-quality tenants
  • Help you anticipate the budgetary requirements of your venture
  • Teach you how to find profitable properties

Purchasing Your Property

As you assess your property options, there are one thousand and one variables to keep in mind. You’ll want a property that’s close in proximity to your own home; when issues arise, you’re expected to deal with them quickly and efficiently, and staying local will help. You’ll need to consider the neighborhood; the quality of the area in which you buy will influence the tenants you attract and how frequent your vacancies occur. Other facets to consider include:

  • Property taxes
  • Local school districts
  • Crime rates
  • Local job market
  • Proximity to local amenities
  • Rent comparisons

Consider the Services You’ll Need

As a landlord, you’ll need to become a jack of all trades. However, there are likely services you’ll need to outsource in order to make the most of your time and money.

  • Repair and Maintenance Services

If you’re not a handyman, and you don’t know your Allen wrench from your socket wrench, you’ll likely need the assistance of a repair person. Whether your property is new construction or decades old, it’s important to understand that maintenance and repair are simply the name of the game. From faulty dishwashers to electrical repairs, having a trusted person on retainer will come in handy months and years down the line. MrHandyman.com makes it easy to hire a repairman.

  • Screening Services

Placing the right tenants in your property is a matter of appropriate screening processes. Running a credit check alone won’t tell you much about your prospective renter, other than their spending and payment habits. Look for full-service screening services that offer more than a credit report, like TransUnion SmartMove criminal reports that indicate history of arrests and criminal records.

  • Legal Services

You’ll need to learn about the legal ramifications and regulations related to your new real estate venture—and stay abreast of any changes in policy. For many landlords, this is only possible through legal counsel. While you don’t necessarily need to keep a lawyer on retainer, it’s wise to seek advice before setting out on this particular venture. Learn about the local rules governing your rental property, and be sure to do everything by the book as you start out—this will set a foundation for success.  In the unlikely event you find yourself facing a suit related to your property, it’s well-advised to have a trusted lawyer capable of representing you. To meet with a real estate lawyer, check out the listings at www.homeowner-law.com.

Pontificate On Your Goals—and Decide How You’ll Reach Them

There are many benefits to glean from a career as a landlord, but you can’t hope to achieve much without a solid strategy in place. Make sure you detail your financial and personal goals to help optimize your career and your work-life balance in one fell swoop. Keep an eye out for actionable insights and build step-by-step plans for each new real estate goal developed.


7 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

You might have heard the saying, “They’re not making any more land,” and it’s true. Investing in real estate is smart, because although the value of the property might fluctuate in unstable markets, the value of land will never depreciate. But there are other reasons to invest in real estate that you probably haven’t thought of yet. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  1. Future Income Stream

    When you make a real estate investment, you’re actually purchasing a stream of future income. Accruing rental income over the long term creates a significant proportion of total return. If your initial short-term goal was to fix and flip a property to sell it at a profit, and you have a hard time finding a buyer, you can always rent it out instead. Doing so will give you a fixed monthly income, and if you hire a landlord or property manager, you can sit back and forget about it.

  2. High Tangible Asset Value

    Unlike stocks and bonds, an investment in real estate is backed by brick and mortar. Its tangibility and physical presence reduce the principal-agent conflict, or the extent to which you rely on the competency of investment managers and debtors to handle your funds. Many real estate regulations mandate a minimum percentage of profits to be paid out as dividends, so you can worry less about seeing your money come back to you.

  3. Inflation Hedging

    An inflation hedge is an investment that provides protection against the decreased value of a currency. Typically, it involves investing in an asset that is expected to maintain or increase its value over a specified period of time. Real estate offers inflation hedging due to its relationship between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth and demand. As economies expand, the demand for real estate drives rents higher which, in turn, translates to higher capital values. For that reason, real estate investments tend to maintain their purchasing power, passing on some of the inflationary pressure on to tenants in the form of capital appreciation.

  4. Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns

    Risk-adjusted return refines an investment’s return by measuring how much risk is involved in producing that return. Real estate investments have low volatility, meaning they’re less likely to shift wildly and unpredictably. The relatively consistent market, stemming from infrequent real estate transactions and third-party prop erty appraisals, results in stable pricing and leads to smooth returns.

  5. Easy Financing Options

    When you purchase a stock or bond, in most cases, you’ll need the money upfront. Such is not the case with real estate investments. There are a variety of ways to finance your property purchase, including, but not limited to: cash, conventional mortgage loans, and hard money lenders. The best choice for you might depend on the location of your property. For example, in competitive markets such as Southern California, buyers should research Anaheim hard money lenders for a quick and easy close. Alternatively, in states with high taxes and interest rates, buyers would benefit from cash transactions or conventional loans.

  6. Portfolio Diversification

    Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting your toes wet, you’ve probably heard the term ‘diversification’. Financial advisors recommend diversifying your investment portfolio; this helps you avoid the risk of placing all your eggs in one basket. Real estate has a low correlation with other major asset classes, and by adding that investment, you can lower portfolio volatility and find a higher return per unit of risk.

  7. Psychological Advantage

    If you’re comparing real estate to other forms of investment, consider the psychological advantage. Real time markets are vulnerable to sudden and unexpected shocks, seen in the ‘Flash Crash’ of May 2010, when $1 trillion in stock market value was erased in just 15 minutes. Watching stocks, bonds, or equities rise and fall can be incredibly stressful, and knowing when to pull your money out takes experience, knowledge, or advice from someone you may or may not be able to trust. Real estate investments offer a greater peace of mind in an environment where office volatility is an issue and the dynamics of algorithmic trading are murky.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that real estate makes a distinct, easy-to-understand asset class. Evaluate these various benefits to see how real estate is undeserving of its tarnished reputation.


Usain Bolt’s Net Worth

The greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt, stunned the world again this summer at the 2017 World Championships. At the age of 30, the legendary athlete announced his retirement, lost his world champion status and suffered an injury all in a matter of a few days. Nevertheless, the Jamaican star bowed out at the very top of his game, with an unprecedented career behind him. Already an Olympian, he won his third, consecutive triple gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio for the 100m, 200m and 4 x 100m. Add this to his three world records (at three different distances) and 11 world championship titles and you have one of the most successful athletes of all time. Unsurprisingly, he’s in a league of his own when it comes to his financial earnings, too.

Usain Bolt is the only track and field athlete to rank in Forbes’ latest celebrity rich list in which he is ranked at number 88 and he’s estimated to be the 23rd highest-earning athlete in the world. In 2017, his net worth is valued at over $58 million, but interestingly, only around 3.5% of that came from winning races. With 11 gold medals, one silver and two relay world records under his belt, Bolt has earned the equivalent of just under $1 million from major world championships.

Unlike athletes from other countries, Jamaican athletes don’t receive any prize money for medals won at Olympic or Commonwealth games, so even though these wins haven’t directly contributed to Bolt’s bank balance, they’ve had an invaluable impact on his star power. With his headlining potential, he can command large appearance fees that reach over $350,000. He’s also been the individual winner of Diamond League races a total of 23 times and the overall winner of one Diamond League Race, which has accumulated winnings of more than $274,000.

Usain Bolt is a brand marketer’s dream! If we look at the 2012 London Olympics, more than a million entrances had been registered into the ticket ballot for the men’s 100 meter final and organizers were eventually able to charge up to £874 (approx. $1,140) for a seat. He boasts endorsement deals with PUMA, Virgin Media, Visa and Nissan among others, and also has a Regupol-sponsored, world-class running track installed at his Jamaican training venue. Bolt chooses his celebrity appearances based on his personality as much as his athletic prowess and his recent collaboration with PokerStars is a good example of that. Shortly after his retirement, Bolt became the face of the PokerStars ZOOM Poker Usain Bolt Edition, the first time the company had ever included celebrity-branded tables in its games. PokerStars is a leading global online poker platform with its own mobile casino and real money app. The company also sponsors top European poker events and has consistently partnered with some of the world’s most famous sports stars, so Bolt was in familiar company!

A large portion of Bolt’s income comes from leading sportswear brand PUMA, for which Bolt is a global ambassador until 2025. His 2016 deal with the German company netted him over $10 million a year, which helped his annual earnings to peak over $30 million for 2015-16. His current deal with PUMA following his retirement is valued at around $4 million a year. Bolt’s other major endorsement deals include a $2.6 million package with Virgin, approximately $3 million with Gatorade (plus additional bonuses when he is spotted drinking it), and over $600,000 with Visa.

In 2013, Usain Bolt peaked as the 48th highest-earning celebrity in the world, and despite his retirement from the track, we expect him to remain in the top 100 for a number of years to come. Bolt’s running career may have come to an end, but the world is his oyster. In addition to his celebrity poker endorsement this summer, Bolt expressed an interest in starring in Hollywood action movies and playing football for Manchester United! Whatever moves he makes now that he’s hung up his running spikes, it’s unlikely Bolt’s net worth will decrease soon.


Don’t Worry, Get Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there’s a lot to know and understand. Life insurance is tricky and confusing. As the consumer, you don’t need to know everything. But, as with anything, it is helpful to know a bit as you start shopping for the best policy. Protecting your loved ones is important. And, even if life insurance is not the most enthralling subject, it is important to start thinking about ASAP.

Many things can impact the policy you are able to secure, and how much you will pay for it. Not only does your age and health affect your policy options, but your debt and number of dependents will also influence your policy. Where you live and your lifestyle are important factors as well. In general, the younger and healthier you are, the better rate you will be able to get on a good whole life insurance policy for you and your loved ones.

State laws have a major bearing on policies. Specifically, they have an impact on the rights of the insured. The rights of the insured can vary drastically from state to state. The consumer protection you had in one state might be irrelevant or void in another state. This is why you need to be very careful when it comes to replacing or transferring policies as you move from state to state.

Check out this easy quiz from Health IQ about the nuances of how state laws can have an impact on insurance laws. It is short but very informative. And visit HealthIQ.com/quiz for related quizzes, such as How The Medical Exam Affects Your Quote or the Pros and Cons of Group Life Insurance.

How AI Will Change Business Processes

The age of artificial intelligence is still fresh but the evolution is happening so fast that it’s now agreed that AI can exhibit human characteristics. Although some prominent thought leaders have issued serious warnings about the singularity of AI and the probable threats they pose, the advantages of artificial intelligence seem to be endless.

Basically, technology has contributed significantly to business efficiency and customer experience. In the business sector, AI is not a newcomer because it has developed from the first time computers were introduced to business management. However, it is in the last few years that you can clearly envision and foresee how AI will change how business is done.
In this article, you’ll learn how AI will influence some business processes.

AI will transform the job industry landscape

Among the basic ways artificial intelligence will affect businesses is through transformation. If you know anything about AI then you probably know the risks to manual labor. Although this is not something that has been received with excitement among workers in affected positions, it should be well understood that’s what is coming in the near future.

Most manufacturing industries dealing with large-scale production see this as an attractive option. This is because it’s not only cheaper but it is also more productive and easy to manage. The precision and low tendency to make errors during production makes them an appropriate replacement for human labor.

With the full implementation of AI, business sectors like reception, customer assistance, and other administrative tasks will be transformed. Dealing with customer queries via telephone or messages will become easier and other tasks like accounting will be handled with ease and precision. In fact, some businesses have already incorporated chatbots into their systems and they are doing an awesome job. Besides outstanding efficiency, AI platforms will contribute to huge savings by most companies.

Integration and consolidation of business operations

Recent trends in business indicate that AI is an important player in the integration and most business processes. In large corporations, fragmentation of crucial business processes has posed some serious challenges and has resulted to bad synergy.

Integrating AI technology into daily operations of a business makes it possible to combine the fragmented pieces of work to make a fully functional whole. This leads to consolidated operations, employees, and systems. The ultimate effect is higher productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Higher precision at a reduced cost

With the integration of superior AI into business operations, there will be a significant reduction in the margin for mistakes and errors that lead to losses. The higher precision achieved by AI will raise productivity and make businesses less risky.

The computing capability of AI programs is superior to humans and this facilitates processing of voluminous data in a short time. For instance, businesses in the financial sector have reaped benefits by utilizing technology in their business processes. Lending companies with online based platforms have an integrated underwriting process that works on its own. This has not only led to more business but the system has made realistic loans service better by ensuring that you are matched to the perfect loan product.

The technology has made the operations cheaper even though the level of precision is higher than you’d get with human labor.

AI guarantees superior enterprise mobility

With artificial intelligence, businesses will adapt more to the new model of working. Currently, there is a shift in how employees work with huge numbers preferring to work remotely or from home. In the future, more organizations will offer their employees the option of working from anywhere in the world. This will help employees to be in charge of their working environment and schedules which leads to increased motivation and productivity.

The arrangement also allows employees to get new skills easily and become competent at their jobs. The good thing is that you don’t need to present yourself physically to acquire the skills offered in training.

Feeding the increasing population by agribusiness firm

The world population has been on the rise and the trend is expected to continue for over the next few decades. However, the current methods of food production seem to lag behind. Today, AI is being incorporated into farming techniques to ensure productivity.

Deep learning has been used to monitor thousands of cows by using facial recognition to identify the needs of an individual cow with minimum human involvement. This technology will be able to accurately identify signs of disease before it has become fatal and notify the farmers for immediate action.

In the future, huge tracts of land will have many sensors which will work in conjunction with real-time imagery drones to monitor the crops. This will make it possible for farmers to predict what their plants will need even before they have planted. As a result, the process of food production will become easier and efficient.


As time goes, AI is becoming an integral part of a business and it is no longer a reserve for big corporations. Today, small startups have embraced the use of this technology and the future is getting brighter day by day. Although there are concerns and heated arguments about AI, the technology is getting better and better and it’s upon business owners to figure out which is the best way to take advantage of this innovation.

Famous Sports Stars Who Are Known Gamblers

Famous sports stars who are known gamblers, which is really not all that surprising. People need to be able to take chances in order to really become skilled in sports. It takes a lot of energy to build up the skills that are necessary to become a professional athlete. A lot of professional athletes will spend a lot of time trying to make themselves look as muscular and athletic as possible.

They will do this while they engage of a lot of different athletic activities that may or may not be sustainable for people in that time period over the long term. This mindset has not gone away altogether. A lot of people have found that the older ideas of gambling are continuing to have an effect on who they are. This becomes even clearer when reading the biographies of modern athletes who love to gamble.

Pete Rose is an example that a lot of people will know. There have been a lot of sports gambling scandals over the years. A surprising number of them involve Pete Rose, even today. Even though fewer people even know Pete Rose today, his reputation as a gambler lives on and continues to influence portrayals of him. This might be what he is known for historically at this point in time.

Michael Jordan is very famous today. A lot of people will still know the name of Michael Jordan, even though there have been a lot of famous basketball players since then at this point. Michael Jordan is still more famous for being a basketball player than he is for being a gambler, although he is truly both. He is one of the most famous gamblers in Hollywood, with this hobby causing him to lose shocking amounts of money right away.

At least with some of the older professional athletes, the idea of being a famous gambler makes some sense. It’s almost as if some of these stars have managed to have two careers in that way. This is not the case with the young Wayne Rooney, who was already famous for his gambling activities at the age of 25. He managed to lose a lot of money very early, demonstrating that this is the sort of thing that truly can happen to professional athletes who experience an early degree of success.

Some of these athletes might be interested in Red Flush casino games. Of course, a lot of them seem to be very traditional gamblers in a lot of ways. This might be because some of them just started all of their gambling adventures in the days when online casino gaming was still relatively uncommon. However, in other cases, it might be partly due to the fact that a lot of these people are performers who want to do a lot of risky things in public. Gambling in public in front of a crowd just makes a lot of sense to them naturally, even though they might end up losing more money than they would have intended.