Tether USDT: Can Tether’s Claims of USD Backing Be Trusted?

Tether USDT
Tether USDT

History Repeats Itself for Tether USDT

Tether has a history shrouded in secrecy and attendant doubts about its legitimacy as a stablecoin. Stablecoins serve to minimize the volatility typically experienced in cryptocurrency markets. Stablecoins such as Tether claim to have the backing of the US dollar (USD) and other assets. Tether has been used in the past for various purposes including as a medium of money transfer on exchanges that do not take physical USD. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Insurance

cryptocurrency insurance

Cryptocurrency insurance could be a big industry in the future. It presents opportunities for investment and to secure investments in cryptocurrencies. Just recently popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase revealed that it has a $255 million cover of its assets. Leading insurance giants like Aon and Lloyds are getting into the mix. This heightened interest in crypto-insurance could present opportunities for investors and crypto-holders in the future. Continue reading

Cryptocurrency Investment Tips: How to Approach the Nuances of Crypto

Cryptocurrency Investment tips

Its never too late to start investing in crypto. In fact, it’s probably a bit too early. The markets are dwarfed by other commodities and financial instruments. Yet, the growing interest of what you could call titans of the traditional financial markets shows that there’s more to crypto than meets the eye. Here are some important cryptocurrency investing tips to keep in mind.
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