How to Make a Gaming PC More Affordable

Desktop PCs are a fantastic option for people looking to get into gaming. However, with the improvement in technology, gaming PCs can end up costing a fortune. The best thing to do is decide what you want the PC for and learn what each part does. You can build your PC, which is straightforward, and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and the parts. Building your gaming PC will help you understand what’s under the hood. Once you’ve got your initial system set up, there’s nothing to stop you from upgrading in the future as you have more disposable income. To find out more, continue reading as we discuss all the parts you will need.  Continue reading

Too Many Questions About Yield Farming!

What are things behind the enthusiasm for cryptos? It’s something relatively new for many of us. It’s Decentralized Finance or DeFi for short. This new concept looks like the traditional banking system that cryptos have come up with before, but it is different from what we have known about this term in fintech.

In this article, we’ll get yield farming explained, which is a hot topic in DeFi, so that you can understand why many people are talking about it. If all these things sound a little puzzling to you, don’t worry! We are here to resolve your skepticism of how yield farming is explained.

So What Is Yield Farming?

Yield Farming is a form of staking cryptocurrency or lending crypto assets to generate profit (% profit or reward in the form of a new cryptocurrency). This is an innovative but also risky and volatile feature of the decentralized finance (DeFi) system.

The Reasons Why Yield Farming Is So Popular

The apparent benefit of Yield Farming lies in the attractive profits brought to each investor. Up to now, the form of interest farming still generates higher interest rates than players depositing money in traditional banks. However, high interest rates come with certain risks.

In 2020, Yield Farming had explosive growth in popularity, the number of participants. It is estimated that a considerable amount of money has been created through the Ethereum ecosystem. Productive mining platforms that operate on Ethereum and the DeFi engine system dominate the market.

Yield Farming’s productive farming process has also pushed the advent of many different protocols. When owning an infrastructure platform that includes a community of users who share the same passion and actively participate in the system’s activities, it can easily attract more partners to cooperate.

Yield Farming has become as popular as it is today in part because it supports projects in terms of liquidity. Along with that is the benefit for both lenders and borrowers. Yield Farming helps everyone to have access to capital in the world of DeFi finance.

DeFi Platform For Yield Farming

Investors who want to use Yield Farming to increase their profits can go through the following DeFi platforms:

Compound: is a currency market that allows users to earn interest by depositing crypto-assets into several pools supported by the platform.

MakerDAO: is the first decentralized credit exchange that allows users to lock cryptocurrencies as collateral to borrow DAI, a USD-pegged stablecoin. Interest is paid as a “stabilization fee.”

Aave: is a decentralized liquidity exchange where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide crypto assets to the market to earn passive income, while borrowers can borrow either over-collateralized (permanent) or uncollateralized (one-block liquidity).

Uniswap: is a protocol for creating crypto mobility and trading ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. Uniswap eliminates intermediaries and unnecessary fees, allowing for fast, efficient transactions.

Balancer: is an automatic market maker (AMM) platform developed on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in March 2020. Balancer acts as a self-balancing, price-adjusting portfolio. And crypto coordination. Participants in the Balancer will receive back BAL tokens.

Synthetix: is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and provides highly liquid synthetic assets (synths). Synths track and deliver returns on the underlying investment without requiring investors to hold the purchase directly.

Yea rn. Finance: uses its algorithm so that investors can choose from many different DeFi lending platforms like Aave and Compound for the highest yield. Yearn. Finance made waves in 2020 as its YFI governance token grew to over $40,000 in a short time.

Yield Farming Vs. Other Forms Of Investment

When new to the cryptocurrency market, perhaps not many people see Yield Farming with some other form of investment. Examples include liquidity mining, staking, and cryptocurrency mining.

Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining

Many people often get confused between Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining. Although they can be used interchangeably, there is a fundamental difference.

Both Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining have the potential to generate profits from governance tokens. In it, Yield Farming will need DeFi applications, such as leverage. As for Liquidity Mining, it works based on the Proof of work algorithm.

During liquidity processing, the pool of miners will manage to earn a dividend swap equivalent to 0.3%. Along with that are the newly mined tokens after successfully identifying the block of transactions and saving them in the Blockchain ledger.

For Yield Farming, however, the liquidity provider uses DeFi decentralized finance platforms. Here, allow them to transfer money or lend money to earn interest.

In addition, Yield Farming participants can also use leverage when borrowing or lending stablecoins. At the same time, players will apply different money transfer strategies to optimize interest rates.

Yield Farming and Crypto Mining

Yield Farming and Crypto Mining forms of cryptocurrency mining have a relatively significant difference. Specifically, Crypto Mining mainly runs on the Proof of work algorithm. Meanwhile, Yield Farming relies on a DeFi application that operates primarily on the Ethereum network platform.

Compared to cryptocurrency mining, profit farming is an advanced way to earn rewards still. However, players must own cryptocurrency to participate in the lock and deposit to make a profit.

In a nutshell, Yield Farming is like a form of users lending out properties they own to receive interest. As for cryptocurrency mining, users will directly participate in the mining process with their efforts and the hardware system they invest in.

Farming and Staking

The Staking staking process works based on the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Accordingly, validating participants create blocks through a completely random selection process, earning rewards from active investors in the same platform. Then, the higher the bet, the bigger the prize.

As for Yield Farming, players will generate profits from the tokens they are holding through lending and interest.

On the other hand, Staking requires a more significant amount of cryptocurrency to increase the chances of being selected as a validator in the next block. Depending on the token’s block formation, players may have to wait up to several days to receive their staked rewards.

Yield Farming participants have the right to move assets flexibly whenever it is essential to optimize the possible profit. Compared to staking, profit farming allows you to send your notifications to the liquidity pool integrated on the protocol.


Yield Farming is a form of making money through the player’s house locking its assets. The assets here are usually cryptocurrencies. It works almost similar to the structure of savings in traditional banks, but the deposit process is more straightforward, the interest rate is more attractive.

That’s everything we want to show you about yield farming. Hopefully, after reading this summary, you have a better understanding of Yield Farming.

What is Rat Race Rebellion?

If you’ve been looking for a work-from-home job or side hustle, you may have come across or heard about the Rat Race Rebellion. It is among many long-time trusted job platforms out there.

Rat Race Rebellion has been around for a while now, and they’ve been helping job seekers make money from home. This is a legitimate company that gives access to profitable jobs and gigs.

Still wondering what the Rat Race Rebellion is and how it works? Here’s everything you need to know.

Is the Rat Race Rebellion Legit?

The Rat Race Rebellion website offers a wide range of virtual work or work-from-home jobs. They post new job openings regularly from various sources where people can apply.

It was founded by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren (Chris and Mike), distinguished leaders in the remote work industry since 1999. They designed the first work-at-home programs for the U.S. State Department and the Armed Forces, amongst other achievements.

With such a strong foundation, Chris and Mike built Rat Race Rebellion to be a trustworthy site for virtual workers everywhere.

Essentially, the site gathers job vacancies and collates them in the platform so people can easily find full-time or part-time opportunities that might fit them. Rat Race Rebellion guarantees that they screen every job they post so job seekers can avoid scams.

You can read a full Rat Race Rebellion review to see if the platform is a good option for you too.

How Does Rat Race Rebellion Work? 

Rat Race Rebellion is not necessarily a mediator between job seekers and companies. It simply works as a job searching portal that makes it easy for everyone to search for online or home-based jobs.

Job seekers can easily find work on the website’s “Newest Jobs & Gigs” section, for starters. They post job vacancies daily, which includes teaching jobs, sales roles, associate and administrative work, surveys, and management and leadership positions.

Most of the remote work and tasks they post are miscellaneous and outsourced positions. There are also opportunities for those who simply want to earn in their extra time, like answering surveys, reviewing apps, and participating in clinical trials.

They also have a “Big List of Jobs and Gigs,” which lists job openings from 400 legitimate hiring companies sorted by company and industry or sector for easier navigation.

From the Rat Race Rebellion page, people can click on the job post and get redirected to the specific affiliated company’s hiring portal or website for application. They also provide text and email notifications, so job seekers will know when new job opportunities are up.

Technically, Rat Race Rebellion serves as digitized classified ads for home-based jobs and projects. People can use it for free and do not need an account to access jobs, though signing up can give you additional perks like real-time alerts on new jobs and free training.

Who Can Join Rat Race Rebellion? 


Rat Race Rebellion does not restrict anyone or require anything from job seekers to use the site. Anyone can simply go to the Rat Race Rebellion site and start their home job or side gig.

There are many different industries to consider on the website as well. From sales to healthcare, literature, creatives, marketing, accounting, finance, and tech, Rat Race Rebellion lists every job they can find currently available.

However, it is worth noting that, as mentioned above, home jobs and gigs listed on Rat Race Rebellion are mostly simple, short-term or associate tasks. Hence, you can set your expectations to see fair-rated jobs for the most part.

While you’re not going to get rich via Rat Race Rebellion alone, the website has a ton of good opportunities as well as information and resources to use, especially if just starting out.

Their Facebook page is also extremely useful for beginners. There, they actively post job and gig alerts and answer questions from job seekers. They also post scam warnings for everyone’s safety.

Check Rat Race Rebellion Out

If you have been looking for a way to earn money online or if you are thinking of transitioning to a full-time remote or home worker, Rat Race Rebellion is a good place for you to start. It is a legitimate platform that does not require signup fees or application processes.

The platform makes it easy for newbies to navigate their way to home-based work by giving them access to various opportunities available. They offer an online course for building a home-based career, but if you are on a budget, they have freely accessible content and resources to make use of in the meantime.

Grow Your Coin Collection: How To Determine Valuable Coins

Coins represent history and the exceptional ones increase value over time. That’s why many people want to collect old coins, which are treasures if you know how to determine their value. If you have a couple of inherited coins or you want to grow your coin collection, then it’s crucial to know how to determine coins that are worth adding to your collection or investing in. Being able to do so can bring you great future monetary value and self-fulfillment.

In this post, you’ll learn the best ways to determine valuable coins. Read on to know more.

  • Seek Professional Coin Appraisal Services

Get your coins appraised by real experts in grading. If you’re planning to sell your coin collection, it’s important to have all coins appraised. By doing so, you’ll know the best value of all the coins in your collection. In addition, you’ll be more confident in buying and selling them.

But how do you choose a professional coin appraiser? Here are some tips:

  • Great Experience: Find a coin appraiser with experience collecting and grading the best rare coins. The best coin appraisers have handled ancient coins, certified coins, gold coins, and even low-value coins such as old nickels, dimes, and cent pieces.
  • Reputable Coin Shop: You can find the best appraisers in coin shops; where coin testing and appraising are part of their everyday tasks. Choose a well-respected appraisal expert in the industry by visiting the likes of
  • Determine The Demand Or Popularity Of Coins

The law of supply and demand also applies in coin collection. In demand coins are often rare old coins with great historical significance and intrinsic value. Of course, if many people are searching for a particular coin, the higher the demand will be.

If there are only a few pieces of a certain old coin that are circulating in the market, then it is considered a rare one. The rarer a coin is, the more popular it gets, and such factors will significantly increase its value. In other words, the market value of a coin reflects its availability and popularity.

The popularity and demand for coins are also in the hands of coin numismatists, who are essentially coin dealers and collectors. Most coin dealers have their own website, wherein they share their insights, expertise, and opinions about any coin-related topic, including the rarity and pricing of rare old coins.

  • Check The Coin Quality 

If you want to grow your collection, then buy good quality coins. A major impact on the coin’s quality is the degree of its circulation and care. Therefore, the mint condition is a major determinant of a coin’s highest value. For example, if you have an old coin that looks worn and altered, then the coin’s worth is lesser than another coin of the same kind that still looks good as new. However, if the coin is very rare; it can be valuable even if it is in poor condition.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand the best ways to preserve your coin collection. In the same way, when you’re buying old coins, you need to know how the seller takes care and preserves their coins. The quality of coins can be determined through grading, such as the Sheldon coin grading scale, a system made by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon, a renowned numismatist.

Here are the following criteria appraisers use in coin grading:

  • Strike: Coins are created by pressing an image (such as a face of a hero, eagle, or symbol) into a blank metal disc. Before the onset of advanced technology, coins were stuck to deform the metal. Many collectors believe that first strike coins, or coins made from new dies, are higher in value because they have sharper details.
  • Preservation: As mentioned earlier, coin collectors and dealers need to preserve coins to preserve their value. That’s why it’s important to use coin flips, coin holders, precision handling tools, and other materials to ensure the longevity of coins.
  • Luster: Coins with desirable aesthetics are higher in value than old, worn-out coins. Hence, it’s vital to consider their luster. Luster refers to how shiny the surface of the coin is, which is also called the cartwheel effect, mint bloom, frost, or mint luster. Does the coin reflect light well or does it look sheen? If you want to buy valuable coins to grow your collection, you should check if the coin looks shiny or flashy.
  • Color: Grading coins also includes determining the color. A coin’s color may change due to weather conditions, rusting, or corrosion due to water exposure and stains caused by chemicals. Grading coins involves determining if the coin still retains its original color or if the color changed.
  • Attractiveness: One crucial aspect in buying or selling coins is their general attractiveness. The more attractive the coin, the more well-preserved it is. Hence, the value of the coin is higher.
  • Learn More About Coin Mintage 

Minting is the process of making coins. On the other hand, mintage refers to the number of copies made of a specific coin when it was introduced and used in circulation. The fewer the copies, the higher the price of the coin will be. But of course, this isn’t always the case.

The main factor when determining the rarity of a coin isn’t the numbers, but collectors’ interest. For instance, some rare ancient coins aren’t as valuable as U.S. pieces, which sometimes have more pieces available.

  • Determine The Intrinsic Value Of Coins 

The intrinsic value of a coin is also called melt value, which is the value of the coin’s precious metal. For instance, if the gold market price is US$1,806.59 per troy ounce, then the intrinsic value of a minted coin is US$1,806.59.

If the intrinsic value of a coin becomes higher than its face value, then more people will keep the coins. The face value of a coin refers to its value relative to other currencies. For instance, in the 1970s, the price of copper increased significantly, which eventually forced the US to change the metal composition of their one-cent coins. 

  • Learn The History Of The Coin

It is fun and inspiring to learn about the history of coins, especially because each coin has a story to tell. Coins were born in various eras, and each represents rich information, such as the legacy of the person behind the face, or the story and reason behind the symbol used in the coin.

A coin with remarkable historical significance tends to have higher market and face value. US coins tend to have greater value than unknown ancient coins because of their history and popularity.

In the United States, the Philadelphia Mint was established by the government in 1792 based on legislation passed by Congress, which is known as the Coinage Act. Half and large cents were produced in 1793. Silver half dimes, silver dollars, and half dollars were made in 1794. A year later, Gold US$5- and US$10-coin pieces came out in the market. In 1986, Silver Eagle Dollars appeared but weren’t intended for circulation.

But of course, there are also ancient coins with good stories to tell. For instance, the Athenian coin which was made of bronze from 120 to 140 A.D., show the great victory of Themistocles, a Greek naval strategist and politician over the Persians in 480 B.C. at the battle of Salamis.

  • Know The Most Valuable Coins Worldwide 

It’s important to know the most valuable coins so that if you’ll see one posted on social media, you can make an offer and might get a good deal. In return, you can sell those valuable coins at a tremendously higher price.

Below are some of the most valuable coins worldwide:

  • The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

Many experts believe that this coin was the first silver dollar produced by the US Mint. One of the coins was sold for over US$10 million at an auction in 2013.

  • The 1787 Brasher Doubloon

Ephraim Brasher made this coin. He was a silversmith and goldsmith in New York. The coin displays a steel seal and the American eagle. In 2011, this coin was sold for nearly US$7.4 million and US$5 million in 2018.

  • The 1787 Fugio Cent

This coin is also known as the Franklin cent, coined after Benjamin Franklin. Furio cents in good condition range from a few thousand dollars up to US$10,000.

  •  The 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar

This coin is a highly prized Islamic coin struck from a gold mine owned by the caliph. This is the first Islamic coin that mentioned a place in Saudi Arabia. An Umayyad Gold Dinar was sold for US$6 million in 2011 and US$4.8 million in 2019.

  • $1 Million Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

This novelty coin weighs 100 kilograms (220 pounds), which was sold for US$4 million in 2010.

  • Morgan Silver Dollars 

These coins aren’t rare. However, rarer vintages have higher prices. This coin has a solid feel and is made of 90% silver. In mint condition, Morgan Silver Dollars can range from US$100,000 to US$500,000.


If you want to keep and grow a coin collection, you know how to determine valuable coins. Keeping yourself abreast with relevant information will make you more confident as a coin collector or dealer because you know what you’re talking about when it comes to coinage, including their pricing, history, and best ways of preservation.

6 Tips On Cryptocurrency Investments For Beginners

The cryptocurrency craze doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon as barely a day can pass without hearing this on social media platforms or being discussed on the news. As an investor, you might be willing to get in on the action and make some money from this. But before doing so, it’d be wise first to research on this matter to determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment. This is important as there are many different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among others.  Continue reading

How To Help A Loved One Get Out Of Financial Troubles 

When a loved one faces challenges with their money, you may sometimes feel powerless to help them.

These types of problems have been especially prevalent during the pandemic. After all, some people have undergone such extreme levels of financial stress that they feel as if they are at wit’s end and without help. By following the points that we have outlined for you below, you will hopefully be able to disprove this theory and provide some solid support for any loved one that is still in the throes of hardship.

Keep reading to discover how you can help a loved one get out of their financial troubles.

Be a Good Listener 

It is important to gauge the precise nature of the financial troubles your loved one is facing. To get a better grasp on their situation, first try to be a good listener.

Create an environment where they are compelled to share all the behaviors and/or circumstances they may have come to regret. If you can help them to feel that they are in a judgment-free area, your loved one may feel more inclined to express their deep-rooted financial concerns. For instance, some husbands may feel shame about earning less than their wives and even fudge their numbers in their favor on earnings reports, so you may need to be patient before you get to any kind of truth.

At the beginning, not every problem they present demands an immediate solution. For example, if your loved one is in debt, discuss not only the amounts they owe but the reasons behind their situation. Is their debt merely a symptom of a bigger issue? Practice patience and explore every avenue, and hopefully, your listening skills will pay off and create more acute answers to the financial problems your loved one is facing.

Help Them Budget 

Unfortunately, some people are just not financially savvy, and not everyone is cut out for making the best decisions with their money.

In this scenario, it may be a good idea to invest some of your personal time into helping your loved one budget effectively. Parts of your role here could include:

  • Creating a budgetary spreadsheet – Outlining their income, bills, taxes, and spending money may help your loved one embark on a better financial path.
  • Monitoring their situation – Budgets not only need to be created but followed consistently. Perhaps visit your loved one fortnightly or monthly to ensure they are doing well here.
  • Adapt the routine – Your loved one’s budget may need to change overtime to reflect their evolving circumstances in life. Fine opportune moments to give them the reigns to their budget, but perhaps oversee what they are planning so you can offer your final approval.

A strong budget can help guide people to make better decisions with their life. Once your loved understands its value, they become more inclined to take some initiative and draft their own. Try to think this process as setting an example, not only in their expenditures, but also in how they should approach their responsibilities in life also.

Monitor Any Monetary Addictions

Monetary addictions can take shape in many different forms and may even evolve throughout a person’s life.

Obviously, there are the more dangerous addictions here that you should be wary of. Gambling, alcohol, and drug addictions can cause devastation financially, and sometimes lead to sufferers losing everything they worked so hard to achieve.

However, less life-threatening monetary addictions can also take place. For instance, your loved one may be pouring all their money into things like:

  • Shopping sprees – Purchasing desired items can be worthwhile, but it is only sustainable if the buyer has the finances to back up their spending. Some people have easily overspent online during the pandemic too, so some financial recovery may be required here also.
  • Subscriptions – Whether it is to streaming services or issues of a favored magazine, subscriptions can quickly tally up high to the surprise of the subscriber.
  • Collections – If your loved one frequently collects expensive memorabilia, it could be that these costs will sneak up on them sooner or later.

It may be that you can play an important role in providing some perspective here. Perhaps try to be a guiding light in navigating these mirkier financial areas and put your loved one in a better position moving forward. After all, even innocent pastimes can be warped into something ugly when done in excess, hurting one’s finances thereafter.

Caution Their Social Circles

It may be that your loved one’s poor financial habits stem from poor influences in their social circles.

Is your loved one taking advice from a friend who is not trustworthy? Perhaps they are being pressured by their friends to squander their earnings on less noble pursuits? It is worth keeping these factors in mind so that you can determine the source of their poor financial behaviors. Sometimes, these traits may be learnt from others, and not materialize out of boredom or curiosity.

If you do know someone who is a poor influence on your loved one, advise your friend or family member in being cautious around them. Friendships can be perfectly healthy without parties mimicking one another’s interests or having the exact same interests in all areas of life, so it might be that you need to nudge your loved one in a different direction from that of their so-called friends.

Recommend Helpful Services

If you have elected to help your loved one, then you should no that you are not long in your endeavor.

Fortunately, there are an array of financial services that you can refer them to. You could recommend government benefits, loan, and retirement programs for instance, and provide some support as they go through all these official channels. Remember, each service should have designated professionals who will provide their input into matters, so their expertise could also be invaluable.

If you want to help your loved one greatly, you could also introduce them to Tally, a credit card payoff app that clears debt quicker. That way, they can also build better credit to open more doors in their future. They can also get started with this entire process exceedingly quickly, and all their card information can be found in one place, so it is a great option to consider if your loved one needs to turn their financial life around fast.

Offer Financial Support 

It might be that you are well positioned to offer some financial support yourself. Of course, this may be dependent upon your personal circumstances, and those of your loved one.

Depending on your loved one’s problem, and how much you are prepared to sacrifice for their betterment, it could be a good idea to lend them some of their own money. If they are looking to invest in a business opportunity, helping them meet their financial threshold could be lucrative. Additionally, they may need a one-time payment to meet a deadline for a bill and pay you back promptly thereafter.

Obviously, matters here are largely down to your own discretion and the history you share with the loved one. Do they have a history of paying people back? Is their cry for help likely to spiral into further issues where they merely waste what you lent? Depending on their character, they may not be inclined to answer these questions honestly themselves, so closely analyzing their situation and cross-referencing it with their personality is the best thing to do.


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