5 Steps to Simplify Your Claims Process

The claims process following an accident is anything but easy. Not only were you involved in an accident, which is traumatizing in itself, you now have to deal with the aftermath of figuring out your insurance and going through a claims process. As stressful as the claims process can be, there are a few ways to make it go a little bit smoother. 

Here are 5 steps to simplify your claims process:

  • Take Plenty of Photos of Your Damaged Car

The more evidence you have of the accident, the smoother your claims process will be. While you are probably going to be shaken up after the accident, remember to collect as much information as possible. Take plenty of photos of your damaged car, in addition to the other vehicle(s) involved. Also, make sure you call the cops so they can provide a police report as well.

  • Exchange Insurance Information with Others Involved

If there were other vehicles involved in your accident, it is imperative you exchange insurance information with them. If possible, exchange this information before the police arrive as that will only delay the whole process. Once you have their insurance, the claims process will go a lot quicker than having to wait to get the other vehicle’s insurance from the police.

  • Collect Details

Collect as many details about the accident as possible in order to make the claims process easier on the adjuster. Include the time the accident happened, the address, the lane you were in, and what direction you were going. Even if the details seem insignificant, it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to also include if the weather was bad or if there was construction going on the street.

  • File the Claim

Once you have collected evidence of the accident, exchanged insurance information, and gathered all the imperative details, you need to file the actual claim. The information should go from the insurance company to the claims adjuster in a timely manner. Once the adjuster has a better idea of the situation, they can provide you with helpful service. It is also important to file a vehicle valuation report, as that will tell you the overall condition of the vehicle in addition to the market value. Mitchell WorkCenter Total Loss will process 95% of your vehicle valuations in seconds, which will help with reduced settlement time. The vehicle valuations are data-driven so you can rest assured your report will be accurate and detailed.

  •  Stay Calm and Remember the Insurance Company Is There to Help

It is likely that the claims process will take longer and be more costly than you would ideally like, but it is important to be patient and remember that the insurance company is there to help you. The claims process is a two way street: you need the insurance company and they need you to prove accurate details and information about the accident. You will probably need to provide certain documentation, such as your insurance policy, your car registration, and your driver’s license. The insurance company may also ask you to get your car assessed at an auto body shop so they can get an estimate of the cost of the damages. This will require a lot of effort on your part, but it is essential in order to move your claims process along and toward resolution.

The claims process that follows an accident is most likely going to be stressful. You have been in an accident, and now you have to deal with any healthcare costs, damages, and filing an insurance claim. But as much as you might dread having to do this, it is imperative you do it correctly. Following these simple five steps will ensure that your claims process goes as smoothly as possible, so you can hopefully move on with your life and the unfortunate accident will be nothing but a distant memory.

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