How to save money on your Home Renovation 

The price of remodelling can get out of control early in the game. Add in unforeseen problems that always pop up, and you can find yourself way in over your head. According to Oneflare, the average home renovation can cost up to $200,000 for large homes. However, there are ways to keep more money in your pocket and get the job intended. Here are some suggestions for keeping your home renovation under control and save money in the process.

Consider Materials Carefully

There is a wide price range for the many materials included in a home renovations, including flooring, benchtops, and fixtures. Look beyond the beauty and start with the essentials. Prioritize materials that are durable and last the test of time, rather than the ones that look the best but will cost you a lot more. It is also possible to find cheaper materials that look similar to or just as good as more expensive ones. It is worth your time to research around before making any decisions. 

Budget Realistically

Telling yourself that you can cut corners and save is a pipe dream. The facts are that an average kitchen remodel will cost you between $10,000 and $75,000. Estimates vary according to the region and the extent of the remodel. If that figure is out of your ballpark, you need to look at your budget. Can cabinets be refaced and not removed? Does that wall really need to be removed? However, if you have certain goals in mind, start saving. A home renovation budget can save you lots of stress about money.

Research Before Choosing Tradespeople

Tradespeople are good at what they have been trained to do. Settling for a friend of a friend can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Don’t skimp on hiring a professional that comes with high recommendations. There are plenty of websites where you can read reviews of tradespeople from past customers. 

Don’t Move Existing Plumbing

If there is any way that the existing plumbing can stay intact, this can be a huge money saver. Plumbers can charge in excess of $80 per hour plus material. Removing old pipes and adding new ones is not a quick job. Before deciding to add a bar with plumbing or reroute a sink, consider the cost versus the end result.

DIY what you can

Not everyone is handy when it comes to DIY. However, simple chores can reduce the number of hours you need professionals. Keeping items organized, cleaning up debris, and keeping pets and kids out of the way is a big help. Additionally, the more simple decorative tasks in a kitchen renovation are something that you might be able to do yourself. 

Other suggestions to save money during your home renovation include repurposing materials that are still in good shape, selling used items, paying cash instead of financing. Above all, try not to rush the job. If you have prepared and planned, you know that perfection is worth waiting on. Determining your home renovation cost and having patience throughout the job will deliver a fabulous makeover.

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