Highest-Earning Soccer Players

soccer pitch

For as little as $1, you can own a soccer ball, a small price compared to the whooping high salaries that soccer teams pay their players to play the beautiful game. Since the early 2000s, salaries in the world’s most popular soccer leagues have increased by unprecedented amounts, as record prices continue to be set annually for household names and even new faces to the big leagues. We wonder, who are the highest-earning soccer players?

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How A Social CRM Strategy Can Benefit Your Business

A social CRM strategy means the integration of social networks in the management of client relationships. A proper social CRM strategy should improve customer relationships and should be more oriented towards prioritizing the review of essential business facets, like marketing, sales, customer experience, service support, and innovation, among others. A social CRM strategy’s primary goal is using a top CRM software  in monitoring, mapping, and measuring the return on investment (ROI). Continue reading