Things You Need To Ask A Realtor Before Buying

Finding the perfect house, in the perfect area, that suits you is hard enough, but ensuring that the house is the right price, and has no issues is even harder. Ask your Realtor some questions about the property, because ultimately you’re probably planning on spending a lot of time here. If you want to raise a family while living on the property you are going to be even more concerned about what you’re purchasing. If you don’t know what to ask your real estate agent, I’ve prepared a few questions to get down prior to making your decision.

Why is the Owner Selling?

Ask your Realtor why the owner is selling, it will give you a lot of insight into the sale of the house. If there are any issues in the home you’re going to find out from this question. If the owner is moving due to employment and quickly needs to leave, you might be able to negotiate on the price. Find out exactly why the owner is moving, and if it’s due to an issue with the infrastructure of the home you can decide whether it’s worth your trouble or not. Most homes might need a small amount of work but you’re probably not looking to tackle any huge projects. Even if you want to resell the house, chances are you are not looking to work on a months-long project.

Do You Know Any Good Real Estate Attorney’s?

You’re going to want a good real estate attorney to handle the paperwork involved with the transfer of the house. They can calculate the property tax associated with the transfer as well as the transferring of the title. You will want to find a real estate attorney that has a high reputation, and is able to get the job done competently so you will not have any worries down the road. If you’re looking for professional real estate attorneys in Seattle, the professionals at Dickson Frohlich explain their services on their site. You wouldn’t attempt to perform surgery without a doctor, and you shouldn’t try to handle legal paperwork without a lawyer.

Are There Any Disclosures?

Ask your Realtor if there are any disclosures the seller needs to make about the property being purchased. Certain things must be disclosed prior to the purchasing of the home, this can include issues with moisture, the potential for any lead plumbing in the home, or if there are major structural issues with the building. Usually you’ll be made aware of these disclosures prior to purchasing the home, but if you’re looking to get the elephant out of the room, ask your Realtor right away. This way you can decide if mold damage is going to be a deciding factor, if you’re not willing to put the expenses in to fix it yourself. Obviously any structural issues are going to be something that most home buyers are going to stay far far away from.

What Are The Taxes?

Find out what the property taxes are going to be per year on the home you want to purchase. As attractive as the house may be, be honest with what is in your budget to afford. Even if you’ve managed to save quite a bit of money to buy a home within that cost, there are many factors that are going to increase property taxes. Having water-front property, or being within a certain county limit could potentially push property taxes just outside of your budget. Find out this information by asking your real estate agent, and inform them what expenses you’re willing to incur.

What Are the Prices In the Neighbourhood?

If you can’t find any information about what prices the houses in the neighbourhood have gone for before ask your real estate agent. They work in the business of selling and in likelihood they’re going to be able to answer your question in regards to the purchase prices of the locale. Compare the price to the home in question, and if it’s considerably less or more, ask why. Is the home newer than a lot of houses in the area? This might be why it’s more expensive. But if it’s going for a lot cheaper and it’s comparable in size and exterior quality, this might attest to an issue in the home you aren’t prepared to deal with.

Would You Buy this House?

A lot of real estate agents might not be used to being asked this question, and if they start to stutter to might already know your answer. With this question you’re essentially asking the Realtor to compare their standards to yours, and if they would be willing to live in the home. If they can’t offer you a direct answer, or they go off on a tangent about their taste, that might not be what you want to hear. Anything but a resounding “Yes” might be off putting, and if they say the house just isn’t in their taste ask them why. Doing a little detective work on a professionals perspective might help you figure out if the house is for you or not.

You might seem a bit pushy asking your real estate agent an abundance of question in regards to the property, but it’s warranted. You want to know you’re getting a good deal, and you want to know everything about where you’ll be living. Find out why the previous owners are moving and capitalize on that. Make sure you have a good real estate attorney to take care of all of the legal paper. Ask if there are any disclosures you should know about on the property prior to visitation, and get an idea of what property taxes you’ll have to pay. Compare the prices of the property to similar properties in the neighbourhood, and find out if your Realtor would feel comfortable making your home a home. After doing a thorough investigation, you can finally decide on where you should be laying your head every night.

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