3 Reasons Why Weddings are So Expensive

Beach Wedding Ceremony during Daytime

Summer is in full swing. While weddings occur all throughout the year, summer seems to be a popular time for two people to tie the knot.

Many of us attend a wedding with the assumption that we are celebrating friends or family, but do we really know the costs behind it all? Weddings have been getting more and more expensive each year. As someone who has been to a number of weddings and is currently planning one, I can tell you 3 reasons why weddings are so expensive.

Reason 1: Reception Venue

While couples always have the option to fly away and elope, they want their wedding to be celebrated with family and friends. That celebration usually takes place after the ceremony at a reception venue.

A reception venue can vary from a museum to a garden, to someone’s house; however, it has to be large enough to accommodate a large group of people. Because of this, renting a place to house so many is the only option, and with that can sometimes cost a hefty price tag.

In addition to paying the venue you are often times required to hire security, provide tables and chairs along with linens. All of these add up.

Reason 2: Food & Drink

If you don’t have food & drink at the reception is it even a party? Needless to say having food is a standard requirement for guests after the ceremony has taken place.

Caterers can be pretty expensive in terms of food and overall food service. Additionally, if you decide to serve alcohol you will have additional costs. Let’s not forget about the cake(s). All added up, the food and beverages could end up costing just as much if not more than the reception venue.

Reason 3: Photographer

While I still subscribe to the notion that a kid with an iPhone can take a pretty darn good photo, not everyone is on board with that. A wedding is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event, and the pictures need to reflect that.

Photography at a wedding is oftentimes said as “you get what you pay for”. Sure you might be able to find a good deal on one, but then another could be three times the cost. Also, there can sometimes be upwards of 3 or 4 photographers present on the day to capture the moments.


Weddings are expensive. Many times the guy would be fine going to Vegas to elope, but it has to please all parties. The 3 reasons why weddings are so expensive illustrated above will probably encompass about 70% of our wedding budget, so don’t get married, or go elope.

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