Should You Invest in MLB Crypto Baseball ‘Cards’?

MLB Crypto Baseball Cards
Investing in MLB Crypto Baseball Cards

MLB Crypto Baseball is the first sports league with non-fungible tokens for public-use on blockchain. Non-fungible tokens are unique tokens which are not interchangeable. They are representations of goods or assets. MLB Crypto is a cross-over between baseball card collecting and fantasy sports.

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Some loopholes to get a car insurance at cheap price

Insuring a car is one of the most important steps most of us take after buying one. The problem arises when it comes to choosing the company that offers the best insurance. You will get confused because there are a dozen of them vying for your business. Many will advertise their companies and give a list of very good options, terms, and condition, and you will not be able to choose the cheapest one. Though there are some good car accident attorney available these days who can help you when trying to claim the insurance but, choosing a good insurance company in the first place can save a lot of your time and efforts. Here are some things you can do to get good coverage at a considerable spend.

1.Don’t assume any company is the cheapest

Some companies will convince you that their coverage is the cheapest, but the same coverage that people pay vary widely. No one can claim that he or she pays a lower amount than everyone else. Therefore, don’t be blinded by quacks who pretend that their business is cheap and all they want is for you to sign up to their companies and you will come realize this when it’s too late. Go for the right insurance brokers.

2. Check for discounts

Insurers provide a wide variety of discounts. They also offer price breaks for customers who insure more than one car. If a family has more than one car, they cover all with one policy. Ensure you have a clean driving record where no cases of accidents are recorded. Also pay their annual premium at once. This will enable you to get discounts of a higher percentage than another customer using the same policy.

3. Pay your bills on time

Many companies do not accept credit from their customers. This is because it will be very hard when it comes to filing claims. Pay your monthly or yearly bills so that in case of an accident or your vehicle breaks down, it is well covered and there will be no struggles repairing it. When you don’t pay these bills it will result to huge debts and you will be unable to pay them.

4. Don’t ignore local and regional insurers

These local and regional insurance companies meet the needs of their customers. Their rates and conditions have higher customer satisfaction. They know that many people go for big companies therefore they lower their rates so as to gain customers. Do not ignore them. Just try them out and see the outcome. They never disappoint.

5. Consider insurance costs when buying a car

When people are buying cars, what they have in mind is the cost of fuel, servicing and repair cost, but you should also consider the insurance cost. Expensive cars are very expensive to insure while cheap cars are cheap to insure. Don’t just buy a car, be open-minded and think of these important things. If you want a cheap coverage, go for cheap cars such as Subaru Outback, Honda CR-V and Suzuki SX4 sedan.

6. Add another more experienced driver to the policy

It is not a crime to add a person to your insurance. Just ensure that the person has a clean driving license. When I say clean, I mean the person a legal driving license and has never been involved in any accidents. You first of all need to get permission from the person then add him or her to your coverage.

Take time before deciding which company to go for. Weigh them all until you are satisfied. You require this coverage because it’s hard and sometimes impossible to repair a damaged car all by yourself. You need help. And you should consider these tips above in order to achieve your desired goal. Don’t go through a lot of trouble determining the best company. it’s that simple!

Nik Stauskas’ Net Worth

Nik Stauskas' Net Worth

The NBA trade deadline has now officially passed. Teams must now play out the remainder of the season with the stars currently on their rosters. For the time being, Nik Stauskas is currently on the active roster for the Cleveland Cavaliers. While others of us are sitting around trying to think of ways to increase our net worth, Nik is sitting in a good position.

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The 5 Best Currency Exchange Options For Travellers

currency exchange

You should always be ready for travel, from having your itinerary ready to booking your flights and hotel rooms in advance. In addition, you should be familiar with the currency of your destination and some of the best ways and places to make the currency exchange, before you leave for your trip.

Choosing the right currency exchangemethod is key to saving a lot of money, as there are loads of hidden fees in this business. Besides, currency exchange businesses tend to differ in rates and service fee. Therefore, currency exchange services Ottawa, Canada are likely to be different from those in Winnipeg, Canada.

However, with a bit of research and asking around from avid travellers you can know some of the best options of doing currency exchange. As for now, here are five best currency exchange options for travellers.


  • Use ATMs


ATMs are everywhere and they often have better rates than foreign exchange booths or bureaus. They often charge the spot rate, which is the interbank rates and some conversion fees. There are also some charges, from your home bank for using a foreign bank, but most often, these fees are low and can be waivered.

You can also get low or zero withdrawals fees if you transact with one of your bank’s partner banks abroad or if your bank belongs to the global ATM Alliance. Just do your research and know where the ATMs are located for convenience sake.

Besides, ATMs are safe, as it means you will not have to walk around with cash as you tour. They are also cheap to deal with.

In addition to all these, inform your bank that you will be travelling to avoid any fraud alerts on your account, due to abroad transactions.


  • Use a bank


Exchanging your foreign currency at home is usually the first place to start with, as they have far much better rates than the currency exchange businesses located at airports and hotels.

However, they can charge a higher spread, but since you do not want to land in a foreign country with zero local currency. It would be wise to shop for banks with better exchange rates, before you leave your country.

Nonetheless, at times when you are exchanging currency of your neighboring country, the spread might be fair, but still be sure to look around and compare rates before you exchange any foreign money.


  • Use credit cards


Nowadays credit cards are not optional for travellers. You must have them, as they are often useful for abroad trips. You can use them to make large purchases and even book hotel rooms.

However, when compared to debit cards they tend to charge a little bit more on top of the interbank rates, whenever you use them for abroad purchases.

Nevertheless, you can avoid some foreign transaction fees by opting for a no-transaction fee credit card. This way you are not charged even a single cent when you purchase with foreign currency. You just have to inform your credit card provider of your abroad trip, to avoid service disruptions.

Moreover, if you have a travel rewards credit card, then you can maximize on some of its travel benefits, to save some money. Some of the benefits included in these cards are delay or lost baggage insurance, trip interruption or cancellation, travel medical insurance among others. Just read the fine print for a better understanding of what they offer, before you sign up.


  • Foreign exchange offices


Foreign exchange offices are always the quickest and most convenient option for travellers to make a currency exchange, since they are located almost everywhere from the airports, hotels, popular tourist locations, within the city or town and even at the border crossings.

They are also very reliable, when it comes to getting rid of any leftover currency of the country you were touring.

However, take note that they are likely to charge you higher fees than banks, even those who claim to have no commission fees. The best way to get a foreign exchange place with better rates and low service fee is by planning and researching. This way you can stand a chance of getting one with a fair rate.


  • Use traveller′s cheques


Even though traveller′s cheques are not widely accepted, they are still consideredsafe and convenient when it comes to carrying travel money to a foreign land. However, you often pay a commission on them, on top of the spread whenever you exchange them for cash, making them expensive.

Traveller’s cheques can give you peace of mind while travelling abroad, but there are other options as stated above. So opt for one that suits you, as they are all viable options for abroad travellers.

The Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Explained

If you just got introduced to cryptocurrencies and thought that the crypto world didn’t extend much beyond Bitcoin, you were probably taken aback by the sheer number of coins on the market. New coins are being introduced on a daily basis, and there are now over 2000 different coins currently in circulation. Luckily, only a few of them are making a difference and have a chance of surviving. In this article, we’re going to give you what we think are the top four most important cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on and what their impact could be in the future.


Bitcoin – the one that started it all. Bitcoin is the gold standard when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and wherever Bitcoin goes, crypto goes. Bitcoin was the first coin of its genre to use the Blockchain, a decentralized ledger system that allows transactions to be verified through an independent network of nodes, and use it to conduct everyday transactions. However, while Bitcoin’s goal was noble, it is still far from perfect and many have addressed concerns about its scalability, transaction fees and speed. But it still remains the top coin in the industry and should continue to be for a long time to come.

Bitcoin tips:

  • Create a trading schedule, as Bitcoin has very long market hours which average at 24 hours a day.
  • Research the best platforms to buy Bitcoin
  • Use a Bitcoin wallet which are designed to keep your assets secure. The threat of scammers is very large and you don’t want your Bitcoin to get into the wrong hands.


While many might think that Ether is just another Bitcoin competitor, it’s much more complex than that. While Ethereum also uses the Blockchain, it is essentially a platform that allows developers to create decentralized apps that will run on its network. These apps are fueled by Ether, which is a coin that is traded on the cryptocurrency markets. Out of all cryptocurrencies, Ethereum seems to have one of the most solid use cases.

Ethereum tips:

  • You must use a digital wallet to convert Ethereum
  • Develop a system and update it regularly, as the market is always evolving
  • This option is ideal for beginners


If Bitcoin is the coin of the people, Ripple is the total opposite. Ripple is referred to by many insiders as the “anti-crypto” due to its highly centralized nature. And it was created mainly for banks and legacy payment systems. But Ripple is not the name of the token per se, but the name of the network on which transactions are performed. XRP is the coin, and has the specificity of being able to handle a much higher number of transactions than Bitcoin, and at a much higher rate. It’s largely viewed as the crypto currency with the most tangible use case of them all.

Ripple tips:

  • Decide whether you want to use flat money or other cryptocurrencies
  • Ripple is very cheap, so ensure you keep track of your expenditure to ensure you aren’t throwing too much at it without realizing


If Bitcoin is viewed as the gold of the cryptoverse, Litecoin is like silver. Contrary to Bitcoin, which seeks to act as a store of value, Litecoin was created for smaller, faster and more frequent transactions. While the rate of adoption hasn’t been as high as expected, it is still much more performant than Bitcoin and is also used as a gateway to other cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin tips:

  • Be diligent about how much you invest in Litecoin. It’s still not as common as Bitcoin.
  • Read up on the differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin so that you know which one is best for you.

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

Until lately, the only way to trade cryptocurrencies on the market was either directly between users or through exchanges. But as cryptocurrencies started gaining more legitimacy, traditional Forex brokers have started offering cryptos as well. Since these traders are already established, they are deemed a safer option by many who have been slighted by less reputable exchanges. If you want to know which brokers do offer cryptos, you can check this guide on forex brokers with cryptocurrency. Choosing a broker is a very important task so you need to ensure you’re well informed before settling with one. InvestinGoal have written a comparative list of 10 brokers that offer cryptocurrencies which should help make your decision a little easier.

Cryptocurrency seems to be the wave of the future, and you should understand as much as you can about them if you’re thinking of investing. Make sure that you do your research and go with a reputable broker if you want to make sure that your assets remain safe at all times.