Forex Markets

Forex markets is where businesses, banks, governments and investors exchange and speculate on forex currencies. The liquidity of the foreign exchange currency market has an average daily turnover of $ 3.98 trillion allowing traders to get in and out of positions.

Forex markets are used by investment firms with large portfolios to facilitate transactions in foreign securities. There is no central market place for forex market. Forex Etx Trading is done over the counter.

Juno market Asian brokers transact the trade making the forex market available to traders. Forex trading refers to the speculation on the price of a currency against another currency. A no dealing desk execution mode provides different kinds of forex instruments in Juno Market. Liquid providers determine the success of forex trading.

Features of Forex market are discussed as follows.

Forex currency pairs

A wide selection of currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD as well as global shares from different stock markets increases forex Etx trading. Crypto currencies such as equity market indices, spot metals like gold and silver are relevant to the forex market.

Micro lots are offered on forex currency pairs. In thin liquidity, forex currency shares stick within a certain range. Potential break out trades happen during this times making short day trades possible.

Forex trading strategies

Strategies are set in place to inform traders on ways in which they can identify trends from current forex news, indicators, utilities and technical analysis in order to make informed decisions on what is expected in the forex market.

400 x leverage

This is one of the highest leverage ratios in the forex industry. A high leverage ratio increases the potential for Etx traders to earn more with increased returns provided on an investment. Leverage is used to finance the forex market. Instruments such as futures and margin accounts are used to lever investments.

Lows spreads

Trading with one of the lowest spreads starting from 0.1 increases chances of success in the forex market.


Juno markets is licensed and regulated by a Service Commission which deals with securities. It offers clients protection against risk of losing funds while trading on forex market.

Different accounts

Juno markets has different trading accounts exposing traders to forex market. These accounts provide various trading tools such as charts to trade on.

Customer care support

A customer support team is set in place to deal with the needs of the clients.

Financial assets

Provision of financial assets improves trading rates. Trading rates are determinants of the outcome of trade in the forex market.

Merits of Forex Market


Forex market do not have structural market bias. High probability trading chances are provided for traders to profit at different market conditions.


The potential to take a loss without getting emotional makes forex markets popular.


Forex markets incorporates trading strategies that boost the confidence to trade on different platforms without fear of loss.


There is no opening bell in Forex Markets. Exit and entry of forex markets is flexible to a forex Etx trader. Forex markets provide a chance to change the conditions of the market according to the required needs.


Forex markets offer different straight forward perspectives to traders. Different angles increase objectivity to trade on the forex market.


Trading edges are achieved in forex markets with updated information to keep up with new trends in the market.


Forex markets prevent chances of overtrading. Forex Etx traders are guided by disciplined professionals thus preventing overleveraging on a trading account.


Funding of trading accounts in forex markets is based on a trader. Straight through order execution increases accessibility to traders.


Forex markets do not have a specific central market place for trading. Traders gain freedom in trading anywhere with internet connections. Freedom to trade on any platform increases the chances of a wider forex market.


15 Year Mortgage Pros

A little over five years ago I made a financial mistake that I’m not proud of.  I purchased my first home.  No the purchasing of the home isn’t the financial mistake, the mistake was going with a 30 year mortgage instead of a 15 year one.  Many times throughout the year I often wonder why I didn’t even consider a 15 year mortgage.  Don’t make the same mistake.  If you have the financial ability to do a 15 year mortgage then by all means go for it.  I will discuss a few of the 15 year mortgage pros and why I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again.

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15 Year Mortgage Pros #1

The easiest difference to distinguish between a 15 year and a 30 year mortgage is the interest rate.  15 year mortgages have a significantly lower rate than their counterparts.  The shorter the amount of months a company has to lend you money, the more likely they are to recoop their costs.  A 15 year mortgage tends to have an interest rate of 0.5% to 0.75% lower than that of a 30 year.  Although that might not seem like a significant number, it will ultimately equal many thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the loan.

15 Year Mortgage Pros #2

Simply put, you build equity faster.  Because you are having to pay the full amount of the loan in half the time, your monthly payment will be more; however, that also means you will become the full owner of your home in a shorter period of time.  Many people, myself included, choose a 30 year mortgage because the payments are less on a monthly basis.  Had I chosen a 15 year mortgage, my payment wouldn’t have been much more a month and I’d own the home outright in half the time.

15 Year Mortgage Pros #3

The final pro is that you have the opportunity to eliminate your largest monthly expense.  This is especially important as one approaches retirement.  People sometimes talk themselves out of a shorter mortgage because the higher monthly payments mean they have to forgo savings for other things such as retirement.  Can you imagine owning a house free and clear in retirement and not having the stress or monthly expense of a mortgage payment?  Plus you can also free up more capital if you decide one day to do a reverse mortgage.


The majority of housing loans issued are in the form of 30 year mortgages.  This has been the case for a while.  I messed up when I bought my first home, but I can assure you I won’t make the same mistake for my next.  A 15 year mortgage is ideal for individuals or couples who have stable jobs, and are good at budgeting their monthly expenses.  The opportunity to save money on paid interest and build equity fast will be too much for me to pass up again.  That is why the 15 year mortgage pros strongly outweigh any cons.

Budget Smart, Invest Wise

Kirk Cousins Net Worth

We are currently in the middle of the NFL offseason.  It’s been just over a month since the Super Bowl, where the Philadelphia Eagles knocked of the New England Patriots.  The offseason in the NFL is when deals are made and players get paid.  Right now a player everyone has their eyes on is Kirk Cousins.  Cousins is a six year veteran in the NFL with all six of those seasons being spent with the Washington Redskins.  The Redskins drafted Kirk 102 overall in the 2012 NFL draft.  He played out his initial four year contract and has since accepted and played out two additional single year contracts.  Last year Cousins made close to $24 million leading the team.  The salaries from his previous two seasons have given rise to Kirk Cousins net worth which currently sits at $18 million.

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NFL QB Kirk Cousins

Cousins, 29, was a three year starter in college for the Michigan State Spartans.  He wasn’t a highly touted recruit coming out of high school or college and slipped into the fourth round of the 2012 NFL draft.  When Cousins was drafted by the Redskins, he signed an initial deal valued at $2.5 million for four years.  This is a typical offer for someone who gets drafted in the fourth round where he did.  However, impressive play led the Redskins to do something that isn’t very common in the NFL.  Instead of working on a multi-year contract extension with their QB, Washington decided to give him not one, but two one-year extensions.  These extensions meant that if Cousins wanted a big payday he would have to play well.  It also meant that the Redskins weren’t committed to a quarterback if he didn’t perform at a high level.

Kirk Cousins has been the starting quarterback for the Redskins for the past three seasons.  His numbers over that time have been quite impressive.  In each of those three seasons he has thrown for at least 4,000 yards, 25 touchdowns and has maintained a passer rating of at least 93.  His consistent play has made him attractive to many teams this offseason.  The Redskins have missed their chance to sign the QB to a long term deal, thus he is now looking on the free agency market.  With very big recent contracts being negotiated for quarterbacks, Cousins could possibly be looking at a four or five year deal that would pay him approximately $25-$29 million in average annual salary.

In the very near future, Kirk Cousins net worth will see a major boost.  His new contract will likely come with a large signing bonus that will sharply increase his net worth.  We can conservatively expect Kirk Cousins net worth to increase to at least $50 million over the next few years.  Even with this new found wealth, some might wonder if he will ever upgrade his van that he purchased years ago from his grandmother.  With his frugal mentality and top-notch ability to lead an NFL team, a big payday and a big net worth are in Kirk Cousins immediate future.

Budget Smart, Invest Wise

Jordan Peele’s Net Worth

Jordan Peele is a 39 year old actor and comedian who has been around Hollywood for a number of years.  He is most widely known for his show on Comedy Central called Key and Peele, where he co-stars with Keegan-Michael Key.  Born and raised in New York City, Jordan dropped out of college to pursue his comedy career.  A move that has paid countless dividends and given Peele his current net worth.  Jordan Peele’s net worth sits at $14 million.

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Jordan Peele

Peele has been cast into the spotlight recently for his directing work in the recent hit, Get Out.  It was the first film he directed by himself and has received four nominations for the 90th Academy Awards.  The four nominations include, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and also Best Actor for the film’s lead, Daniel Kaluuya.  Many believe that the success of this film will add greatly to Jordan Peele’s net worth.

Jordan Peele has spent his acting career appearing in several movies including Little Fockers and Wanderlust just to name a few.  The main source of his net worth comes from the work he does on various shows.  He has done many voice overs for characters of TV shows including Robot Chicken, Bob’s Burgers, and American Dad!  He is mostly recognized for the show he helped create, Key & Peele.  On the show, he and his co-star Keegan-Michael Key do various sketches that poke fun of modern day society.  They are seen here below doing a skit aimed to make fun of NFL players who often announce their colleges before a nationally televised game.

At 39 years of age, Jordan Peele is fairly young in terms of his acting career.  He has many promising years ahead of him not only on the TV screen, but also in the director’s chair.  While Jordan Peele’s net worth currently sits at $14 million, it could get a massive boost in the coming years if he decides to take on directing full time.  We have seen first hand the talent he has when it comes to creating shows, but the whole world now can see his ability to create a box office hit.

Often times celebrities are cast into the spotlight whether they like it or not, but Jordan manages to keep a relatively low profile.  He is married to his wife Chelsea and the two have one son together.  The couple secretly eloped back in 2016 away from the cameras.


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Need Insurance? Try These Money-Saving Tips

Managing one’s finances can be a challenge for anyone, but that’s especially true if you’re newly living on your own. Assuming you were previously covered by your parent’s policies, you may feel a bit of “sticker shock” as you encounter higher premiums for new auto or renter’s insurance. Fortunately, following a few smart tips can ensure you get the best coverage for your dollar.

Check for Education-Related Discounts

A June 2015 NerdWallet article explains that because insurance companies factor in a driver’s educational level when they calculate that individual’s risk and offer a policy. Although this may be due to insured motorists with higher education and higher incomes paying for smaller repairs out of pocket, which can affect the number of overall claims they file.

Given the pushback from some consumer advocacy groups, it’s unclear how much longer some insurers will continue offering discounted rates to people with undergraduate or advanced degrees. If you’re still in school, however, you may also qualify for a good student discount based on your academic performance. Either way, you want to ask about these types of savings when you talk to your local insurance agency about coverage.

Consider Your Deductibles

You may be able to keep costs down by choosing a higher deductible, according to a 2016 Consumer Reports guide. The tricky part is balancing the savings you get from lower premiums with your ability to pay that deductible out of your own pocket. Depending on the amount you select, you could save between 30 and 40 percent, especially if your driving record is already clean and claim-free. Nevertheless, make sure you can comfortably pay that deductible in case you do end up in a wreck.

Add a Renter’s Policy to Your Coverage

Many landlords and property companies now require tenants to carry renter’s insurance as a condition of their leases. Even if yours doesn’t, it’s still a smart idea to add rental insurance to your total indemnity package. The Muse clarifies that these policies typically cover belongings inside your unit and pay for financial losses from fire, theft, or other types of claims, as well as liability for damage resulting from negligence. Keep in mind that they may not reimburse for some kinds of losses, such as:

  •          “Acts of God” including flooding, earthquakes, mudslides, or nuclear accidents
  •          Items that cost significantly more than your policy’s coverage limit, such as pricey jewelry or custom equipment
  •          Injuries caused by certain breeds of dogs, such as Rottweilers or Doberman Pinchers

Purchasing both auto and rental products from the same company will likely net you some savings, which is why shopping for both simultaneously is a wise idea.

For Seniors, Don’t Rely on Social Security, Get Supplemental Health Insurance

Before social security poverty in the United States was heavily concentrated among seniors.  Social security reform in the 1930s helped put a big dent in this.  That said, seniors are still a vulnerable population.  Seniors have less time to make up for periods of low income and are often less capable of earning money due to aging related conditions than younger people, as a result its a prudent idea to carry state supplemental insurance when medicare or social security isn’t able to cover everything.   Supplemental insurance regulations vary a lot by state so you’ll need to research this. For example, medicare insurance in New York isn’t the same as California, etc.

Smart Shopping Can Lead to Savings

Insurance coverage is a must if you drive or rent an apartment, but it pays to do your homework when you shop. Ask about education-related discounts or potential savings from bundling auto and rental policies. While you’re at it, consider choosing a higher deductible but make sure you can pay if you end up with a claim. With money-saving moves like these, you won’t have to empty your wallet each month to pay for coverage.