The cost of keeping a pet snake

If you have ever thought of acquiring a pet snake, the first thing that you should do is give some thought to how much it will cost you. The initial expense consists of the cost of the snake itself. However, it doesn’t all come down to that. You will have to budget for food, shelter, vet visits, as well as many other things that could be unexpected.

How much does the snake cost? It’s rather difficult to give a straight answer to this question because you might even be lucky enough to get it for free if there’s someone in your area that breeds snakes, for instance. However, if you are looking for a specific type of snake, you might end up spending somewhere between one hundred to thousands of dollars.

How much does the equipment for keeping a snake cost?

Getting a complex terrarium for snakes is one thing, but the fact is that even the simplest glass aquarium is going to cost you a minimum of one hundred dollars. On top of that, you will need an under tank heater, which usually costs about twenty-five to thirty bucks, depending on where you get it from. The heat lamp setup is mandatory, and it might force you to take as many as seventy-five dollars out of your wallet.

Every bag of substrate is going to last for about a month, and it will cost you around $20. Other things you are going to need range from hides to fake foliage and might amount to $50, depending on what you have in mind in terms of the design you want to put together. Every mouse you feed to the snake will cost you at least $2, and rats are almost twice as expensive.

Before you get your pet, it might be a good idea to do a bit of reading on the requirements of that species. Needless to say, getting a book on snakes might cost you ten to twenty dollars. E-books might be cheaper.

Last, but not least, it’s worth mentioning that you will not only invest in a heater for the snake enclosure but also one for the room it is placed in. Many species are tropical, which means that they are used to very high temperatures. If you live in Minnesota and you want to make sure that your snake is kept in the right environment even in January, your heating bills will go through the roof.

Emergency costs

If there is any chance that your snake might bite someone, you need to ensure that you have the right funds to pay for that person’s medical bills. Besides, any snake can get sick, just like any other animal, and going to the vet’s office can force you to take as much as eight hundred dollars or more out of your wallet.

As you can see, keeping a pet snake isn’t particularly cheap, especially when compared to other kinds of animals. It is your decision to make, but what you have to bear in mind is that you need to be a responsible pet parent and offer your pet the best you can.


Things to consider before turning your hobby into a career

Do you wish you could do something you love for a living? It’s a powerful motivation for many people and it’s what causes many to turn to their personal passions for career inspiration. Indeed, one study in the UK suggested that as many as 40 per cent of self employed people in the UK set up a business based on their hobby.

But, before you run off into the sunset with your new business idea, there’s a few things to consider first:

Gradual transition?

Do you have to go straight in at the deep end? It’s a big step to call time on your job and, ideally, you wouldn’t do this until you’re definitely ready to go. Think about whether or not you can start moving towards monetizing your hobby on a smaller scale in your free time. This will give you time to build some foundations and to test the water before you dive in. You could, as Glassdoor notes, do a lot in 15 hours a week before leaving your role.

You’ll need a business approach

A business mindset needs to be different to your hobby mindset. Your first impulse should be to make money, not just to have fun. You need to be able to promote yourself, market your products and be able to accept criticism, which is only natural when you’re looking to sell rather than show. You need to be able to handle all of the ‘back office’ work needed to make this a professional pursuit – with all of the necessary paperwork, budget planning, accounts and taxes – and make choices that have a sound financial basis.

It’s not about you, it’s about the market

Speaking of which, one of the biggest hurdles to get over is in your attitude to the market. When you’re engaged in your hobby your target market is you – you’re making products that you love and to entertain yourself. As a business, your target market is your prospective customers. You need to spend some time researching which products and services are successful in your field. What do rivals do, how much do they charge and what could you do differently? You need to be able to think about what other people will want to buy, not just what you’d like to make.

Can you operate on the right scale?

You also need to consider the issue of scale. Can you produce enough items to be able to make a profit and meet customer demand? This means looking into everything from sourcing materials in bulk right through to storage space to be able to have the right amount of stock (you might need to purchase a new garage to help with this if you’re starting from home).

A place to work from

As well as storage, you also need to have a premises to work from. Many people choose to do this from home and, while this might be a smart choice to keep your overheads down, it’s still important to think about how to create yourself some ‘work space’ – not least to help you separate your work and home life. This might mean investing in a desk or other home equipment, for example. If you’re not working from home, spend time searching for a space that won’t cost too much money – but will still be able to cater for all of your needs.


4 Financial Safety Nets All Seniors Should Have

Being able to retire comfortably means making the right financial moves before you leave the workforce. When you no longer have a steady paycheck coming in or live on a limited retirement budget it’s important to have a few financial safety nets in place. Make sure to factor the following into your monthly budget as you enter retirement.

Final Expense Insurance

No one likes the thought of leaving their family with debt. If life insurance isn’t an option (see below) you can still get funeral costs covered with final expense insurance. A final expense insurance policy can also be used as a supplement for your life insurance plan if you want additional coverage for a funeral or memorial services. Typically, final expense policies are less than $20 a month.

The application process isn’t as in-depth for final expense insurance as it is for life insurance. In most cases a medical exam isn’t part of the application process. However, there are currently a lot of options when it comes to final expense insurance. An online resource like PolicyZip can help seniors get quotes and compare final expense insurance plans.

Life Insurance

This traditional form of insurance provides a monetary benefit to beneficiaries upon the death of the policyholder. The proceeds can be used for a number of things including debt payoff and supplemental income for surviving spouses. For that reason, life insurance is highly recommended for the breadwinner in the family.

There are three common types of life insurance: whole life insurance, universal life insurance and term life insurance.

Many people choose whole life insurance because the money you put towards premiums builds the cash value of the policy. The policyholder can borrow against this cash value just like they would any other asset. Other benefits of whole life insurance include benefits that never decrease, premiums that never increase and the policy can’t be cancelled due to age or illness. Guaranteed issue (GI) is a type of whole life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam, however the percentage of the benefits paid depend on how long the policy has been active.

Universal life insurance is also active until the policyholder passes away, but there is one key difference. Most universal life insurance policies don’t build in cash value and can’t be borrowed against. There are three primary types of universal life insurance: guaranteed, indexed and variable. Whether or not the policy builds in cash value depends on the type of universal life insurance you select.

Term life insurance refers to policies that are only active for a certain number of years. If the policyholder is still living at the end of the term there will be no payout. This type of life insurance is more affordable, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get benefits in return for the premiums.

As a side note, a lot of people say they don’t need life insurance.  This may be true.  If you are a senior one policy you definitely do need supplemental medicare insurance.  Medicare doesn’t cover a lot of expenses, and in the event of a catastrophic health care situation you’ll want coverage.  Check it out here => supplemental medicare coverage.

IRA Account

An individual retirement account, commonly referred to as an IRA, is a financial tool that’s specifically designed to help people save for retirement. IRA accounts come with a number of financial benefits before and after reaching retirement age. The amount you put into the IRA account is tax deductible and the income earned through the IRA is tax-deferred until money is withdrawn.

There are two primary types of IRAs: Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. With a traditional IRA, contributions are made with pre-tax dollars and the amount is deductible. Taxes aren’t taken out until the account is closed or money is withdrawn. A Roth IRA is paid with after-tax dollars and no taxes are taken out when money is withdrawn.

If you’re close to retirement you can still open an IRA account, however, this financial tool provides the most benefit when it’s established in your younger years.

Nest Egg

An unexpected expense or emergency can happen at any time, and the financial tools above may not provide assistance. Without money set aside for savings these types of unforeseen events can cause serious financial stress. The conventional wisdom is that retirees should save 10-12 times their annual income in order to retire comfortably. Retirees should also consider improving their internet security, data loss or identity theft can be particularly problematic if the elderly don’t have skills or time to respond.

If you’re planning for retirement or need help budgeting in your senior years, talk with a financial expert. He or she can help you create a budget and savings plan that will ensure you live comfortably during your golden years.


Ibotta App Review

I was recently on vacation in Denver, Colorado, when a friend of mine who lives out there told me about this cashback app called Ibotta.  He was head over heels for the app which happened to be created out in Denver.  I downloaded the app and immediately saw how one could benefit.  In the following Ibotta app review, I will go over just how simple it is to start getting cash back on purchases you already make.

Image result for ibotta app review
Ibotta App Review


Most Americans find themselves shopping at the big box stores for everyday items.  Stores such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy and others are some of the top stores in the Ibotta app.  Many of these stores offer cash back for just simply taking a picture of your receipt.  They also have coupons for many items you purchase including Gatorade, salsa and even beer!


Ibotta App Review
Ibotta Screen

Unlike some apps that take a while to figure out, Ibotta is pretty straightforward.  From the home page you can select your favorite stores, choose any coupons you might be interested in using, and start earning cash back.  The picture to the left illustrates what one will see if they click on Target as a store of their choice.  You are presented with a list of coupons available.  Towards the top, you are able to segment the products based on the category you want to search for.  In this example, if you wanted to get $1.00 back on Gatorade G2, simply click on the red plus sign and it is added to you offer list.  It’s that simple!


The whole point of a cash back app is to actually get cash back.  In this Ibotta app review I am here to tell you that is exactly what you get.  Withdrawing your cash is a super simple process.  The only requirement is that you have at least $20 in your account to withdraw.  You can withdraw the cash via PayPal, Venmo, or for one of the many gift cards they offer.  Never have I had such a hassle free experience withdrawing earnings from an app.


  1. Download the app using the following link (Receive a welcome bonus of $10):
  2. Search through the list of selected stores you shop at and even ones you don’t.
  3. Find coupons you can use and add them to your “My Offers” section.
  4. Once you shop at a store, you can use your camera to make sure the item qualifies for the cash back by simply scanning the barcode.
  5. Take a picture of your receipt and confirm you purchases.
  6. Watch the cash add up.  There is no limit to how much you can have.

Budget Smart, Invest Wise

What makes a trader leave the market

What makes a trader leave the market? It can be explained in just one word- mindset. If the trader has the imbalanced mindset it definitely shows that he is incapable of remaining in the market. If you are a Forex trader you should have the ability to think, analyze and react. There are traders like the Australian traders who are capable of reacting according to the situation. You cannot trade the Forex market with an unconscious mind. We all do agree that trading isn’t a bed of roses yet there are traders who manage to remain in the market. At the same time, there are traders who struggle to remain in the market. This article is aimed at the ones who struggle. Why do they struggle? What is their fault? What makes them leave the market? Let find it out.

Do you know 95% of the traders are losing money? Though the success rate is very low yet the number active traders are rising at an exponential rate. Most of them consider trading as an easy way to become a rich person. But in reality, this is one of the most organized business in the world. You can’t afford to make the same mistake repeatedly. You have to know all the basic rules of investment to protect your trading capital. Most importantly you are the one who will decide how much money you will make in any trade. So be punctual with your trade execution.

Faults in hearsay

You may hear more than thousands of things about Forex. You may read countless things about Forex from unreliable sites BUT are you ready to act upon it? First off, as humankind, we all have common sense and we have the ability to think. As naïve traders, you should also think before you act upon some hearsay things about Forex. You should never trade based on such information rather dig in and research about it, Take time to improve your knowledge about Forex trading. Even if you read something on the ways to improve your Forex trading account Australia you should not implement it rather research on it. Or you can try it on your demo trading account as it will not cost you. Most of the traders leave the market because of their mindset. They don’t think twice before they trade. They don’t think twice before they use some strategies or techniques in trading. You may find an article on a great strategy but you should not use that so-called strategy right away in your live trading account. You should test, research and practice using it and if it works on your demo account, you can go ahead. To be said simply, think before you leap!

Stage of denial

We all have the habit of denying if we cannot accept something tragic. In Forex trading, losses are unbearable. Most of the naïve traders do not want to face losses because they cannot bear it. They hate to deal with losses since it is stressful but denial is not a quality of a professional trader. If you want to become a successful trader you should become a trader who is ready to accept the losses as it is. But accepting losses do not mean that you should repeat it again. By accepting the losses you tend to shape yourself into a better trader. Unfortunately, most of the naïve traders are in the stage of denial, so they tend to leave the market.

Wishing for a lottery

The naïve traders who enter the Forex market with the intention of earning a lot at once are the ones who leave the market. There are no big payoffs unless you work for it. You should work hard to find a suitable trading approach, technique or strategy. By using these you will be able to earn a lot but once again it is important to mention that you can never win a lottery in the Forex market.


Quarterback Alex Smith’s Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have tens of millions of dollars to your name?  The fact is, most of us will spend our life dreaming of such a financial future but never achieve it; however, others, like Alex Smith, know all to well what the feeling is like.  Alex Smith is the new quarterback for the Washington Redskins.  The former number one overall pick has had an up and down career, but he has recently emerged as a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.  A 13 year league veteran, Smith is entering his 14th season with his third different NFL team.  Quarterback Alex Smith’s net worth sits at $45 million.

Image result for quarterback alex smith's net worth
NFL Quarterback Alex Smith

Alex Smith has had a windy road to his NFL success.  Originally a number one overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers, Smith has overcome many struggles and injuries that he experienced early in his professional career.  A star at Utah, Smith was a two year starter for the Utes and posted a 21-1 record as a starter.  After being drafted by the 49ers in 2005, Smith signed his first NFL contract valued at nearly $50 million for six years.  Alex Smith was never able to bring the team to prominence, and in 2012 was replaced as a starter in favor of Colin Kaepernick.  The team traded Smith after the season to the Kansas City Chiefs.  Smith proved himself worthy of being an NFL starter at Kansas City, where he was named to the Pro Bowl three times.

Alex had to pack his bags yet again earlier this year as he was traded off to the Washington Redskins who had just lost their quarterback.  However, with his new team came a new contract.  Alex Smith recently just signed a four year deal valued at $94 million.  The contract included a $27 million signing bonus along with a total of $55 million guaranteed over the first two years.  Even if Alex is only able to play two years with the Redskins, we can expect quarterback Alex Smith’s net worth to increase to over $60 million.

Alex Smith’s career NFL earnings have already topped over $100 million.  If he is able to complete the contract he just signed with the Redskins, his career earnings will more than double.  Over his past five seasons in Kansas City, Smith has proven to be a reliable starter.  During that stretch, he has thrown a total of 102 touchdowns to just 33 interceptions, one of the best in the league over that span.

On a personal note, Alex is married with two children.  In 2007 he started The Alex Smith Foundation which aims to provide foster teens opportunities to transition into adulthood.


Don’t Get Sued! Everything a Start-up Business Should Do to Protect Itself from Unseen Mishaps

The excitement of starting your own business can be overwhelming that you forget to do proper legal work to insure against future accidents and litigations. Sometimes, it’s the disruptive idea you have that blinds you from carrying out background checks on the brand logo you’ve decided to use.

Sometimes too, a business owner could ignore or skip drawing up a contract to protect your intellectual property. Whatever the case, these mistakes may eventually land you into trouble and are capable of making you lose your business altogether. In this article, we’ll walk you through five actions you need to carry out to avoid being sued.

Know the Importance of Contracts

According to Linkilaw, 65% of startups fail due to co-founder conflicts arising from no previous legal framework on agreements. Often, if the legal battle isn’t arising from co-founders, it is from failure to set up Shareholders’ Agreement or Terms and Conditions Agreement.

As a startup, you need to ensure you have established comprehensive contracts with partners, directors and shareholders to avoid disputes. As your business grows, other types of contracts such as Employment Contracts will need to be explored. These need to be well thought out and genuine to help your business stand against any legal tussle that may arise in the future.

Get Intellectual Property Insurance

Thousands of UK businesses are embroiled in intellectual property (IP) disputes every year. The risk is that a claim made on an innovative idea you thought was your own could mean you losing that innovation to somebody else. So, as a startup you need to take pre-emptive measures to protect your business idea. This is considered best practice for every startup that wants to go far.

Properties like trademarks, designs and patents should be insured. You’ll also need a public liability insurance or professional indemnity insurance to protect your business from claims for compensation from an aggrieved client or the public

Obey Business Regulations

There are different types of business regulations established to guide business conduct. In the UK, the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy is responsible for making sure businesses comply with the rules.

Regulations such as Employment Law, Consumer Rights and Competition Law are provided within the framework of the regulatory structure. You’ll need to understand how they apply so as to avoid exposing your business to unseen mishaps.

Taxes Are Important

The UK tax code may be long, but you still need to diligently study it to avoid the tax office ire. Get to know the value added tax, corporation tax and business rate, and ensure you comply by paying what your business is assessed. You can hire a tax lawyer to explain the nitty-gritty of taxation even before you venture out. Failure to pay your taxes is a big fraud that is capable of closing down your business.

Finally, on a light note, do not wait to see a lawyer when it’s too late. In fact, you need to involve a lawyer all through the stages of setting up your startup as they will have invaluable legal advice to give so your business doesn’t meet it’s dead end – at least not soon.


5 Amazing Vehicle Models to Consider Purchasing This Year

The year of 2018 is finally upon us, and if you feel like upgrading your set of wheels, we’re here to help you with that. So what are the most promising models to check out? Listed in no particular order of significance, here are some of the top choices for you to consider:

  1. 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

If you can’t shake off the feeling you’ve seen the model before, you’re partially right. While technically speaking, this is a redesign of Volkswagen’s compact SUV model, this one is much more modern and technologically superior. Its 184-horsepower four-cylinder engine is just the thing you need to keep the fuel consumption under control, while still being able to accelerate to top speeds in a fraction of a second. Those who have tried it have great things to say about its comfortable interior.

  1. 2018 Honda Odyssey

This car is roomy enough to house the whole family (and a mountain of suitcases and travel gear), but at the same time, elegant and efficient. Its controls are another element that is widely considered to be family-friendly. Its three seating rows guarantee enough space for an entire army of kids, and age is no barrier (the child seats are a breeze to install). For safety reasons, the seats are placed in such a way the parents can easily visually control the whole crew whenever needed. Finally, the van’s audio system allows you to communicate with the second and third row passengers even if they are using headphones. How cool is that?

  1. 2018 Kia Stinger

Looking for a visually-stunning sports car to show off with that packs quite a punch? Then this is the one you need. Did you know that with this model, it’s possible to reach 62 mph in just 5.1 seconds? Just make sure to always respect the speed limits! The tech-savvy will take delight in knowing that you can choose between two different engines, with one of them able to deliver 365 horsepower. Click here to learn more about Kia-related news and different models, as well as to find out when it’s going to become available.

  1. 2018 Toyota C-HR

Aggressive looks, efficiency, and practicality are just some of words one could use to describe it. This model is particularly suitable for those who like to go the extra mile to avoid accidents, with its pedestrian detection system and emergency automatic breaking being a testament to that. It’s lane-keeping assistance will allow you to enjoy the magnificent view outside and not worry so much about sticking to the road.

  1. 2018 Ford Mustang

High-tech features are its middle name, with 12-inch customizable flat-panel display clearly demonstrating just a taste of what is to come when autumn finally arrives and the model is released. The 10-speed automatic transmission is there to put you back in control as every driver should be. Nearly everything about this vehicle can be custom-tailored to your own preferences, including the exhaust system.


Have you found something for yourself already? Before making the final decision, it’s a good idea to look at the photos and select the final candidates. Then visit a local car dealership and give each of them a test ride. Only then can you truly tell that the model you’ve decided to go with is a good fit for you.


How to Be Prepared for Any Financial Emergency – 536

Life has a funny way of springing itself on us in the best of times, but we are still often caught off guard. These financial emergencies, whether we lose hours at work or suddenly have heavy medical bills, are not always something that we can control. Although we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can be properly prepared for every eventuality.

Have Reserve Funds

Sometimes, it seems impossible to save without picking out from time to time. However, even if you set aside a few dollars a week and a bit more when you can, you will have an emergency fund in no time. Your savings should have at least three months’ worth of essential expenses, in case of an accident or another major life disruption.

If you find yourself in a bit of trouble, for example needing a few Houston truck accident lawyers after a major altercation, you may be out of work for several weeks to a few months. These savings may quickly deplete, but it is more about the fact that you had it on hand in a financial emergency.

Control Your Consumer Debt

While you may be nervous that you do not make enough to save properly, you should first go over your budget before you decide on this. It is important that you are able to reduce your consumer debt. Credit card balances, student loan payments, or car loan payments can all catch up to you quickly if you fall behind.

It is crucial that you keep your credit card debt down, so you can attempt to raise your credit score. During an emergency situation, having credit available for a short period of time can get you through the hard times. Long-term care insurance and disability insurance are other options for protecting yourself while you’re injured and out of work.

Have Credit Available

Keeping down your consumer debt will inevitably lead to bettering your credit. When you have credit available, it is a way to have a bit more in your emergency funds. If your credit is good enough, you may consider establishing a home equity line of credit to have an additional cash resource; in these cases, you will only pay interest on what you use.

Insurance May Save You

As mentioned previously, having adequate insurance benefits is a great resource to have in case of a financial emergency. While proper health insurance coverage is a must, especially after an accident, you may also consider extra automobile insurance benefits as well as homeowners’ insurance. A major accident does not just mean personal injury, but also damage to your home or vehicle that has a high initial cost.

You may also invest your money in various places and widen your market portfolio. In the case that you have to see at a loss, you have diversified your investments in such a way that this isn’t your complete loss.

Life is unpredictable; while we all don’t like to hear this cliché, every homeowner needs to understand and work towards a good plan and reserve in the case of job loss or a major accident. It seems daunting and tedious, but it is always worth it to not be left out in the cold.


The benefits of being in a forex trading community

When you first begin to trade in forex, it is possible to get lost very quickly. Even when you have done substantive research on forex trading, there is really no way to understand the trade well enough unless you actually start to trade. If you do not have someone to guide you, it is possible for you to make numerous mistakes and even give up on forex trading. Without a helping hand, it can be hard to tell where you’re going wrong and even find ways to remedy the situation.

When you are new to forex trading, the best way to ensure you get the right help is by joining an online forex trading community.

How to join a forex trading community

Most forex trading communities will invite new members for free. Most of them are set up by specific forex brokers. Therefore, once you pick their preferred broker as yours, you are automatically sent an invite to join the forex trading community. You do not need a subscription fee to join most of these communities. You only need to have a live forex trading account. There are numerous communities to choose from. Ensure you take your time to pick the one that is sure to serve your needs.

Here are the benefits associated with joining online forex trading communities.

  • You learn from others

When you join an online forex trading community, you get to learn about trading in forex. Most members of the community are people who are not new to forex trading. Learning from them based on their experiences can go a long way in making it easy for you to trade forex. They also make it possible for you to deal with the stressful nature of the trade for beginners.

  • You share ideas    

When you join a forex trading community, you get a platform where you can share forex trading ideas and also learn from the ideas of others. There are traders who are always willing to share helpful information with the new investors. Most of these ideas are based on their personal experience while trading forex. This means that you get ideas and strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

  • Accountability

This is yet another reason for you to join a forex trading community. While you can choose to work in a vacuum, it is better to allow others to become your accountability partners in forex trading. This allows you to welcome constructive criticism which is sometimes the only way to learn. If you want to trade to make money, you will need fellow traders to encourage you so that you can be able to push on even when you want to give up. Having accountability partners is a good way of taking note of and celebrating milestones.

  • Keeping it interesting   

Trading forex in real life is mostly characterized by slow days and no activity in the market for a good part of the day. Therefore, instead of spending your time staring at your screen all day waiting to trade, you can choose to spend it in the company of like-minded individuals. Spending your free time chatting with your forex trading community members is a good way to brainstorm and learn more about the market. Being part of a community makes it possible for you to enjoy time learning about forex trading.

  • It is a continuous learning process

When you decide to trade forex without joining a community, you can easily get stuck in a rut and find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Just because a strategy is working doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things. When you are part of a forex trading community, you get to spend time with people who challenge your views and present you with a better perspective about forex trading. This provides room for you to constantly learn something new about the trade from different people each day. Most successful forex traders attest to the fact that forex trading communities played a big role in making them the successful traders they are today.