You’ll Like This Online Survey Paying $25

How could you not like an online survey paying $25 for just 10 to 25 minutes of your time? 

Survey paying $50 for 25 minutes of your time!
While anyone can begin the survey if they really want to, the $25 reward is only given to those who can prove that they bought their own health insurance for 2017.

You have to scan your insurance card in response to one of the questions so that the adminstrator of the questionnaire can prove that your insurance isn’t a plan provided by an employer, school, Medicare or Medicaid. All of your responses to the survey questions are kept confidential.

Online Survey Paying $25

Answering that and the other questions entitles you to $25 in the form of a PayPal payment or Amazon gift card.

The moment you complete the last question, you get an email with the payment details. To see for yourself how quickly you’ll get paid, please click here to get started with the survey.

This survey is being conducted by Joany, a new online concierge service intended to help people shop for health care insurance and associated services. It promises to save people money on premiums while also saving time — and best of all, it’s free to use. If you’re still in the middle of open enrollment for 2018 insurance, you might want to check out Joany to help you.


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