Simple Things To Do If You Need Cash Quickly

If you need cash to make an investment, buy an expensive product, or take care of a financial emergency, you might be contemplating the idea of getting a loan. However, when it comes to personal loans most people limit themselves to either applying at their banks if they have good credit or going to a payday lender if they have poor credit.

While your bank might give you a personal loan or line of credit, it may take some time for the loan to be approved. Alternatively, if you apply for a payday loan, all you need is to prove that you have a job. Your credit doesn’t matter. Since they are taking a small risk, they will only offer you a few hundred dollars and charge you a higher-than-average rate of interest. If you can’t pay back the entire loan with your next paycheck and keep on revolving the loan, you will struggle to catch up. In short, both these common types of loans are fraught with problems.

So, what’s the solution? Here is a two-step approach: first, get the money you need; and second, find a way to pay it off quickly so that you don’t have to dip into your weekly or biweekly paycheck to repay the loan.

How to Get a Loan Quickly

First, focus on getting the money you need fast even if you have poor credit. When you apply for online installment loans from a lender who offers an alternative option to payday lending, you can get amounts up to $1250. There are three advantages to this option: one, repayment is flexible and you can repay it in installments; two, funding is fast; and three, all you need to be eligible is a job or a regular source of income, an active checking account, and a social security number.

How to Pay off Your Loan Fast

Second, while you may have resolved your financial needs, here are two additional steps you should consider taking as a follow up to make it easier to repay off the loan.

  1. Declutter your house.

Although you may not realize it, there are probably numerous things around your house that you no longer want or need. In fact, your closets and garage are probably filled with things in mint condition: books, self-improvement courses on CDs or DVDs, handyman tools, exercise equipment, and so on. Why not sell them? You will not only have a neater house but you’ll also make some money.

You can sell collectibles at online auction sites and bulky items at online classified websites. All you have to do is take some crisp pictures with your smartphone, send them to these websites, and add some clear descriptions.

Another alternative is to have a garage sale. However, you will not be able to get as much because people who frequent garage sales usually have a bargain-hunter mentality. Moreover, many people go to garage sales, find stuff in good, and then resell them at online auction sites at a much higher markup.

  1. Start a side hustle.

When it comes to side hustles, most people are stymied by two issues. One issue is that they don’t have enough time since they spend most of their day at a regular job. Another issue is that they don’t have a clear idea of what type of work is available.

The truth is that both these issues are easy to resolve. If you have a few technical skills and don’t have enough time, then do a side-hustle online. You can, for example, go on job sites and look for freelance work.

There is a huge demand for people with writing skills, graphics skills, video making skills, or coding skills. If you have any of these skills, you can find plenty of jobs. If you have the time but don’t have any technical skills that you could trade online, then you can do a side-hustle in the real world. All you have to do to get some ideas is start looking for blog posts that provide a huge list of side hustles.

In closing, when it comes to getting a personal loan, look beyond obvious solutions. There are many alternative lenders who can give you the money you need on reasonable terms. Then, once you’ve got the money you need, think about ways to pay the loan back fast. This will make it easier to repay the loan quickly and it will build goodwill with the lender should you need a loan in the future.


Albert Pujols’ Net Worth

Just because the NFL, NBA, and NHL are in full swing doesn’t mean the MLB is dormant this winter.  In fact, deals are being made year round in baseball.  The Los Angeles Angels just announced the signing of a Japanese phenom, Shohei Ohtani, to their roster.  A pitcher by trade with a 100 mph fastball, Ohanti also has the ability to swing the bat; however we will be focusing on another player on the Angels roster today, Albert Pujols.  Albert is a seventeen year veteran in the MLB and is on his way to the Hall of Fame.  His success on the diamond has led to Albert Pujols’ net worth to be $100 million.

Image result for albert pujols net worth

In January of next year, Albert Pujols will turn 38.  Although he might be nearing the end of his MLB career, he still has four years remaining on his current contract with the Los Angeles Angels.  Pujols emerged onto the MLB scene back in 2001 when he made his rookie debut with the St. Louis Cardinals.  He spent the first eleven seasons of his professional career with the Cardinals where he helped lead the organization to two World Series titles.  Pujols has been tabbed an All-Star ten times during his career, nine of those came while he played in St. Louis.  After leading the Cardinals to the 2011 World Series Championship, Albert became a free agent and eventually signed a massive contract with the Angels.  The contract, $240 million over ten years, would give a significant increase to Albert Pujols’ net worth.

Many experts believe that Albert Pujols is destined for the Hall of Fame.  Throughout his seventeen year career, he has over 600 home runs and nearly 2000 RBI’s (Runs Batted In).  On top of that, his career batting average currently sits above .300.  In addition to his incredible performances behind the plate, Albert is also known as a superb fielder.  He has been the recipient of two Gold Glove awards which is annually given to players who exceed at their respective fielding positions in both the National League and American League.

The majority of Albert Pujols’ net worth comes from his nearly two decade long success on the baseball field.  His career earnings in the MLB are over $240 million, and he is expected to earn an additional $114 million over the next four years of his contract with the Angels.  With these future earnings being almost a sure thing, we can expect Albert Pujols’ net worth to increase by at least another $50 million over the next four years.

Albert and his wife, Deidre, have been married for nearly eighteen years and the couple has a total of five children.  In 2005, they started the Pujols Family Foundation which supports families who are affected by Down syndrome.

Automate Your Finances

Do not be discouraged if you are not good at managing your finances. You are not alone. However, it is not an excuse for paying bills late or having little savings in the bank. Put your finances on auto-pilot and never miss a due date again. Learn how with these five options.

Direct Deposit

Image via Flickr by 401(K) 2013

Set up direct deposit with your employer so you can access your paycheck in a timely manner. This is the first and most crucial step to automating your finances. Is your check mailed to your home? Do you have to wait until the payroll person prints it? Get peace of mind and cut out a trip to the bank. Even if you do a mobile deposit, it normally takes one business day to clear. Direct deposit allows you to create a budget plan, schedule payments, and avoid frivolous spending.

Automatic Bill Payment

Most banks have free online bill payment services. Take advantage of this benefit if you have access to it. Do not wind up with hefty late fees or a low credit score. If your bank does not offer automatic bill payments, enroll directly with the applicable companies. Mortgage, utilities, and credit card companies typically encourage you to set up scheduled payments. This saves you money on postage stamps and gas mileage. It is a time saver too.

Automatic Savings Transfer

Image via Flickr by 401(K) 2013

The advantage of putting money away in a savings account is a no brainer. But how often do you do it? Schedule an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account at least twice a month. If you set it up to coincide with your direct deposit, you will never miss physically having the money. Another surefire automatic way to do it is to have your payroll representative split up your direct deposit into both accounts. Don’t have a savings account yet? Now is an ideal time to get one.

Retirement Drafts

If you are eligible for a 401(k) through your employer, jump on it. Your pre-tax contributions will be drafted from your paycheck each pay period. You decide how much you want taken out and which investment opportunity it goes into. Some employers will even match your contributions annually. The money adds up quicker than you think. If you are not eligible for 401(k) participation, there are other avenues, such as a traditional or Roth individual retirement account. Consult with a financial advisor to see what is suitable for you.

Accounting Software

Now that you know how to automate your finances, sign up for a reliable home bookkeeping program to stay on track. Locate a user-friendly one that lets you print secure checks to pay companies that do not accept electronic payments. The cost to use an online accounting system is inexpensive. It is optimal for tracking your income and expenses, managing your automatic payments, and helping you create a budget. Link up your bank accounts, debit and credit cards, and more to get a full picture of your finances.

Organizing your monetary transactions is key to building wealth for you and your family. By automating your finances, you can effectively manage your household.



Annual Costs of Owning a Dog

They are often referred to as man’s best friend.  As a dog owner, I can assure you this statement is quite true.  Each day when I come home from work, I look forward to seeing the wagging tail and the kisses that come upon my arrival.  Owning a dog is great, some would even say fantastic; however, despite the kisses and tail wags, one’s wallet can take a hit.  The size of the dog does play in to a lot of these factors.  My dog weighs 35 lbs and is considered by most to be a medium sized dog.  The numbers that follow for annual costs of owning a dog are based on a medium sized dog.  Smaller dogs tend to be cheaper, while larger dogs tend to be more expensive, so please bear that in mind.  A budget is the easiest way to track your expenses when it comes to your pet.

image results for annual cost of owning a dog
My dog Vera

Dog Food & Treats

The most common and never-ending expense of owning a dog comes down to the dog food one has to purchase.  The price of that food can vary depending on the brand and type.  For instance, I feed my dog Purina Dog Chow, which is by no way the most expensive, but also isn’t the cheapest.  I usually am able to purchase a 36 lb bag for $25.  I estimate I go through 4 of these bags a year for my dog so $100 in annual cost for food.  When it comes to treats, I like to reward my puppy with a rawhide, various snacks, peanut butter and Dentastix (or similar).  I estimate that my yearly cost spent on treats comes out to $75.

Total Annual Cost: $175


It is moral and also the law to give your dog the necessary vaccinations that they require in a given year.  I’ll first begin with medication.  My dog requires heart worm and flea protection just like any other dog.  For this, I use an all in one preventative treatment called Sentinel.  A year’s prescription of this treatment costs $100 for my dog.  Dog’s are also required by law to get a list of shots to maintain good health for the dog and other’s around it.  These can include the rabies vaccine among others.  The shots typically run me $150 a year when it is all said and done.

Total Annual Cost: $250


Every person’s situation is different.  If you like to travel and you have a dog then be prepared to spend around $25/night for boarding.  I tend to use friends and family to watch my pooch and usually pay them back with beer, a meal or an IOU.  Daycare is also another popular cost among dog owners.  Many view their dogs as an extension of their family and thus like for them to be well-cared for and interact with other dogs.  Daycare for dogs can run anywhere from $12-$25 a day on upwards.

Total Annual Cost: $250

Annual Cost of Owning a Dog: Final Results

If you total up my three previous sections, the total annual costs of owning a dog for me comes out to $675.  Again, this can vary depending on the lifestyle of the dog, what type of food you buy, and a number of other factors.  This example is only meant to give potential dog owners an idea of what to expect.  At the end of the day, my dog is priceless and whatever I can give her to make her happy and see her tail wag is worth it’s weight in gold.

Budget Smart, Invest Wise

Detail Driven Decision Making – 7 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Car

For most people, it’s either a great time to buy a new car or a terrible one. It’s the kind of purchase that’s made for necessity or splurge. You’re treating yourself because you’re feeling flush. Or, you’re down at the dealership, because your current motor has seen better days. In any case, getting a good deal is an important part of the process.

The best way to get one is to be a savvy shopper. The automotive industry is built around indecision. This is where salespeople thrive, so make sure you get what you want by sticking to your guns. Pick out a car, do some research, and head to the dealership feeling confident and informed. Don’t forget that you’re the customer. You have the power.

This article explores some of the things to consider before heading out to buy a new car.

The Method of Payment

First things first; how do you plan to pay for the vehicle? If possible, avoid taking out credit with a dealership. This form of finance can be very expensive, and there are plenty of other options. For instance, you can apply for car finance from Latitude or another top-rated lender.

The Market Rate

The term ‘invoice price’ refers to the amount dealers are paying to sell a particular car. For everything but the newest and most popular models, you should be able to bag a deal that isn’t too far from this figure. Just being aware of it and making your dealer aware shows that you’re smart, informed, and can’t be taken for a ride.

The Right Time to Buy

Dealerships operate on a month by month basis. At the end of the month, many are prepared to offer big savings so that they reach internal targets. So, visiting close to the end of a month or during slower periods, like midweek afternoons, is a good way to secure the best prices.

The Role of the Customer

You’d be surprised how often people end up buying cars just to be polite. Well, forget that. The customer has the power in this relationship. If you’re not being offered the right deal, don’t be afraid to walk away and try another location. Stick to your budget.

The Full Purchase Price

Make sure a dealer tells you clearly what the total purchase price is for the car. It’s no good accepting an absurdly cheap monthly rate if it means you have to pay for a duration of three or four years. It ends up being just as expensive as paying a higher monthly premium.

The Additional Extras

Again, make sure the price you’re quoted is for the car and not the car plus an array of perks and extras. Certainly, if you’re on a tight budget, leave the luxury additions behind. They’re usually priced much higher than they would be if bought separately at a later date.

The Long-Term Expenses

Regardless of the size of your budget, it’s important to take long-term expenses into account. This means the cost of insurance, tax, and fuel. Think about how you’ll use the vehicle. For instance, is it worth paying for a brand new car if you’re only going to drive it a couple of times per week?

Why Getting a Great Car Is All About Information

The more you know about what you want, where to look for it, and how much to pay, the easier it will be to find. Keep this in mind when visiting dealerships, because the job of a salesperson is to get you to part with as much cash as possible. Don’t be afraid to play your own game and outsmart your way to a killer deal.