3 Simple Tips to Promoting Your Business Via Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct is an Instagram feature that allows users to send videos, pictures and texts privately to other users. You have the option of sending messages to one to 15 people in a single thread. Moreover, while the social media sites are offering businesses greater exposure, this feature from Instagram helps businesses engage with their clients in a more targeted manner.

In terms of small businesses and targeting your audience, there are several ways you can use Instagram Direct. If your social media marketing plan includes Instagram, read further to see how you can use Instagram Direct to propel your business from one success to the next.

Connecting With Industry Leaders

Popular bloggers and industry leaders and influencers reviewing, featuring or posting about your business’ products and services is a great way to boost credibility and enhance your reach. Creating connections with industry gurus is tricky, and their inboxes may already be crowded. However, if they are ardent Instagram users, Instagram Direct is your best bet at creating that vital connection.

Send the gurus direct messages with bite-sized, visual and quick content to create that initial contact. Before writing that message, take some time to familiarize yourself with the influencer’s account. Look at what type of content they post on all their channels, not only Instagram.

Looking at their public accounts helps you understand their writing styles, values and interests. The research is a great way to show genuine interest in your industry influencer’s journey to the top as well as helping you communicate with them in a way that resonates with them. It also displays respect when you take time to research first.

Run a Contest

Instagram Direct can be used to initiate a contest – a great way of increasing your social media engagement. One way to start the contest is by posting an image with a description of the contest and code. The first few people to respond with the code get a small prize, discount or coupon.

Another method is to post a picture and the first few people to respond receive a direct response in a message with a coupon or details on how to enter the contest. You can also use Instagram Direct messages to enter people to a contest by having them send you a direct message that explains why they think they should win, or provide a video or photo – both of which you can post at a later date.

Generate Leads

Instagram is an exciting way to market your products and services. However, did you know that you could also use the platform to generate leads? With proper research, Instagram Direct makes this a breeze.

Dive into hashtags and trends that people likely to be interested in your products are using. Maybe they follow accounts that are similar to your business, they are posting about issues that you can solve or they have a tendency of preferring a product or service you offer. Even without their email addresses, you can also reach users through Instagram Direct messages.

Consider adding a link to your eBook along with a photo of the cover, a before and after picture or simply introduce users to Instagram accounts they would love. With Instagram Direct messages, you can reach users in a more personal and relevant manner, turning them into leads in no time.

Direct Messaging is a feature that any social media platform offers its users, and you can use it to connect with your followers and customers. However, when it comes to Instagram Direct messaging, you get a unique communication environment that allows visual content for enhancing your messages with small business health insurance quotes online, for example. Whether you are on the hunt for new leads, increasing your social media engagement or reactivating your inactive followers, Instagram Direct messages can help reach your business objectives.