How to Implement New Professional Services Automation Software

It is a difficult process to choose the right kind of Professional Services Automation (PSA) software for your business. You have to consider several factors first, as it affects all the aspects of your organization. However, just think of it – implementing the right PSA software enables you to bring efficiency across all the areas of your business and gives you an edge among your competitors. If your business is growing rapidly, then a PSA is a great tool to assist you in a sustainable way.

Once you purchase a PSA software, it shouldn’t stop there. Yes, it can solve a lot of problems, especially those manual tasks but having this system will not solve all your woes in an instant. Aside from having the PSA tool, you should have an implementation strategy in mind too.

There are a lot of companies that say the PSA system doesn’t work after a few months and just give up completely without investing that much time, effort and even proper training to their personnel. When you decide to change established processes in your business, sometimes it can be painful as you need time – and this is something most businesses don’t have – also ironically one of the major reasons why they purchased a PSA software in the first place.

So how to implement new Professional Services Automation software effectively in your company?

The process of implementing the system can be quite lengthy and complex, sometimes even you or the vendor would never see it coming. This is to be expected since you purchased an extensive product that will take over major processes. However, once it has been put into place, you can reap great benefits from it. Keep in mind though, that you might encounter several bumps in the road that will test your patience and perseverance for you to achieve proper implementation.

It is important to make a commitment towards effective PSA implementation. There are several thousand other companies that uses this type of system in their business and it has radically changed their business for the better. One thing they did to achieve this feat? They made a commitment to have PSA implemented properly. You will need to choose a dedicated implementation team for this. Since there will be setbacks and progress, it is essential to have a support team that has a high level of commitment. You, as a business owner should also be equally dedicated in working with the team to be able to create the best system you’ll have.

Create a clear plan to figure out what are the steps you should take to get to that point and follow it as closely as possible. This way, the vendor support team or even your own dedicated team can implement and customize the system properly. You will need to ensure that the system you build is something that you want it to be, or else it will just be a waste of time, money and it can even cause more problems later on.

It would be ideal to instantly implement your entire PSA software, although it would be best if you have it implemented first in segments. This way, it can help your business focus on one aspect at a time and then improve the software when needed. Never do a massive overhaul in the system – it will be easier to train the users by segments. When you implement the system one part at a time, it will be less pressure on all parties involved and you will see how beneficial it will be later on.

Can I Use Venmo to Split Bills?

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Venmo Review

The ever popular company PayPal was founded back in 1998.  The company has been the go to payment platform for years among individuals who want to share money via the internet.  The popularity of checks has been dwindling in the United States for years now.  So what is the best way to pay someone without a check or PayPal?  It’s Venmo.  Can I use Venmo to split bills?  The simple answer is… Yes!

What is Venmo?

Venmo is an app you can download for your smartphone.  The company calls the app a free digital wallet that allows you to create and share payments with your friends.  The company was founded back in 2009, but it has only recently become the preferred payment method among millennials.  Despite the growing popularity of the app, it is currently only available with valid United States bank accounts and phone numbers.

How do I use Venmo?

  1. Download the Venmo app to your phone the app is available for iOS and Android.
  2. Open the app and create your account.
  3. Verify your phone number and email address.
  4. Add and verify your bank account along with any debit or credit cards you would like to add to the account.
  5. Begin sending payments.

Is Venmo Free?

Yes and No.  The Venmo app is a free download.  When you set up your Venmo account, you will be asked to link either a bank account or a credit card to your account.  Linking a bank account has the same effect as a direct deposit or a direct withdrawal and is free.  The fees come into play when you decide to link a credit card to your account.  Venmo charges a standard 3% fee when sending money via a credit card, but does waive the fee for Authorized Merchant Payments, Venmo balance, bank accounts and debit cards.

Why use Venmo?

Say you and a group of friends went out for a nice dinner.  Perhaps the restaurant doesn’t split the checks or it is just easier if one member of the party picks up the bill.  Venmo allows your friend to charge you for your portion of the dinner or allows you to pay your friend for your meal.  Venmo can be used to split bills.  No cash has to exchange hands.  Venmo also allows the user to create a social connection through the app.  When you pay or charge a friend, you can add words along with emojis to the title line.  You can choose to have your charges and payments to a friend public (everyone can see), private (only you and the friend making the payment can see), or friends (only your friends and that persons friends can see).

Venmo Review Conclusion:

Venmo is rapidly growing in popularity and has been for some time.  Users like the ease and accessibility of the app along with the fact that it is mostly free.  PayPal bought Venmo back in 2016 and is working on expanding the app along with the services offered.  Venmo allows users to not only quickly and easily split bills with friends, but it also helps create a social experience along the way.

How To File a Tax Extension

Tomorrow is the official Tax Day of the United States of America.  It is the last day to file your taxes, unless you have requested an extension.  Why would someone need to file an extension?  Perhaps they have not had time to do their taxes or get with a professional.  Maybe they have a complicated tax situation and need more time to get everything together to do a proper filing.  Procrastination is also a big reason for many needing an extension.  Whatever the reason, there is a proper way to file that tax extension.  Approximately 8% of all tax filers file an extension in a given year.  This amount is roughly 14 million Americans. Image result for tax day

What does filing a tax extension get you? By filing a tax extension, you receive an additional 6 months to file your taxes, meaning your new tax deadline would be October 18, 2017.  Filing an extension ultimately equates to more time for one to get his or her taxes in order.

How to file a tax extension:

Online: You can file a tax extension online by either accessing the IRS e-file from a computer or through a tax professional or tax software that uses the e-file program.  You will complete an online version of form 4868 which is the Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.  The form can be found HERE.  Filing your extension using the IRS e-file software is safe and secure.  Once you have completed the filing you will receive an electronic confirmation.  You will also be required to estimate your tax liability when you fill out the form.  The form will also allow you to pay a portion of your tax amount if you choose to do so.  Payments can be made online via a direct transfer from your bank, a check or money order.

Paper Form: In addition to filing your extension online, you also have the option to fill out a paper version of form 4868 and mail it in to the IRS.  Paper forms must be mailed to specified mailing addresses depending on which state you are filing from.  When you file your paper form, you also have the option to add a payment if you would like.

Filing an extension would never be ideal in most scenarios.  After all, the majority of Americans do pay too much in taxes throughout the year and most end up receiving a refund.  In 2016, according to the IRS the average refund issued was just over $3,000.  The earlier you file your taxes the earlier you can receive your refund if you are entitled to one.  Maybe you wait to the very last day to file your taxes.  If so, once you get them filed go celebrate and take advantage of the following Tax Day freebies that some stores are offering.

How to Get Started with the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market has now become easy and affordable to everyone because of technology, today the stock market can be accessed directly from your mobile, tablet or any other device that supports the necessary App.

Most of the stock market operators have digitized their services, so are available online and can be accessed anywhere at any time. An individual planning to start trading online only needs to choose the company of preference and the platforms offered to starting trading immediately. The registration process is quick, done online and the monetary amount required to start isn’t too high.

For starters, investing in stock market can appear like a daunting experience. But in real the sense, with the dismal returns from building societies and banks, investing in stock market provides a golden opportunity to make greater returns. Investing in the stock market is an attractive financial investment as it has been made much more accessible compared to the traditional hold and buy investing.

The stock market can be accessed either directly or indirectly. Investing in the stock market directly means acquiring shares in the single company and thereby becoming a shareholder. Investing indirectly, on the other hand, means investing through a third party investment broker. There is a wide range of broker services currently being offered in the stock markets. Some of the services offered include tailored advice and bespoke services such as Redmayne Bentley, Charles Stanley, and Killik &Co. These are online based platforms where customers can buy and sell their shares independently via a share operating account without the advice of the third party.

For starters who desire to be more involved and experiment with their individual shares, it is important to open an online, performance only share operating account. This account keeps the cost of investing at a minimum level that is good for a beginner. Live markets have many advantages contrasted with the conventional buy and hold stock markets. The old framework required a large amount of money for one to realize great benefits and they are constantly overwhelmed by compelling speculators. This has made it difficult for new traders to wander in and begin trading. Live markets don’t require an immense measure of cash to begin trading. With a couple of Euros, one can put his money in the stock market and start trading. Determined traders can develop their little money contributed and turn out to be huge brokers inside no time. The key to internet trading is first to study, inquire about and figure out how the live market functions and works. It is likewise basic to be updated day by day on worldwide occasions that may influence money markets. It makes a broker savvier about where to invest and when to pull back their speculations.

Trading on live markets does not mean one needs to stop his or her occupation. Web-based trading is very easy and affordable because of the technology advancement. It requires just a couple of hours if not minutes to get on the web and place investment where one sees there is potential .The creation of cell phones and tablets and the high web availability around the world has made this exercise exceptionally conceivable. Built up organizations, for example, CMC markets additionally offers new traders with advice, patterns, and rules that make trading simple. New traders can begin investing in the stock market on their own or seek advice from established stock brokers.

Trading additionally has its ups and downs as there the individuals who make benefits while others make misfortunes. However, the secret is to be patient and learn how the market works and being regularly updated on daily events that can affect the stock market.

However, new traders are supposed to research about the companies they want to invest in before joining the stock market. It is also imperative to consider the types of platforms the company offers compared to other companies in the market. Companies with mobile phone platforms are the best option for new traders as they can access the stock market frequently and learn how it operates on daily basis.

Danny Willett’s Net Worth

Danny Willet's Net Worth

The 2017 Masters golf tournament has now come to a close, but we will take a ride back to Augusta with the 2016 winner, Danny Willett.  Willett is a professional golfer who hails from England.  He turned professional back in 2008 at the age of twenty after finishing his college golf career at Jacksonville State University.  While he has been a big name on the European Tour for many years now, he was unrecognizable to many Americans until his 2016 Masters victory.

At 29 years old, Willett has had quite a successful professional golf career thus far.  Danny Willett’s net worth has increased throughout his playing career.  He holds a total of five professional wins, four of which occurred on the European Tour along with last year’s Masters.  His breakthrough came back in 2012 when he won the BMW International Open in a playoff against Marcus Fraser.  That victory netted Willett over €300,000 or approximately $350,000.  Of his remaining victories, two came in the 2015 golf season and then another 2 last year, in 2016.  His Masters victory of 2016 was by far his most lucrative.  He received $1.8 million for his Augusta victory along with a green jacket, an ever living symbol of the tournament.

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Danny Willett Masters Champion

How Much Is Danny Willet’s Net Worth?

When you examine Willet’s lifetime earnings, his net worth is at least $15.7 million.

Willett is currently in his 10th season on the European tour, while just having played on the PGA Tour for eight seasons.  The official prize money he has been awarded on the European Tour during his ten seasons totals €12,267,975 which converts to approximately $13 million.  If you add his PGA Tour totals to that amount, $2,713,938, he has a total career earnings of $15.7 million during his professional golf career.  Like many professional athletes, on the field/court/course earnings play only a small part into an individual’s net worth and the same could be said for the net worth of Danny Willett.  After his 2016 Masters victory, sponsors came knocking at his door.  In fact, he gained nearly 50k Twitter followers as a result of his win in Augusta.  We estimate Danny Willett’s net worth to currently sit at €7.5 million which converted equals $8 million.  As he further progresses in his career, we expect his net worth to continue to rise.  This will be fueled mostly by future career earnings on the PGA and European Tours along with further involvement in a variety of sponsorships that most golfers are able to carry.  Although he wasn’t able to capture the green jacket in 2017, if he can win in 2018 or in the future he will join an exclusive club of players with multiple green jackets.  There are currently only 17 players in that exclusive club, but a win next year will make him number 18.

What Golf Clubs does Danny Willett use?

Answer: the expensive kind.

Willet uses a number of super high end clubs to work his magic. For example, in his 2016 win at the Augusta Masters, he is rumored to have used the following.   I’ve provided their full retail value below as well.  You can see, Willet uses high end stuff.

Callaway XR 16 Driver 9° Retail value: $269.98
XR Fairway Wood 15°. Retail value: $198.99
XR Fairway Wood 19°. Retail value: $199.99
Apex Utility 2-iron. Retail value: $229.99
Apex Utility 4-iron. Retail value: $229.99
Apex Pro Irons 5-9. Retail value: $749.95
Mack Daddy 2 Wedges. Retail value: $79.99
Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Wedges. Retail value: $129.99
Odyssey Versa #1 Wide Putter. Retail value: $199.99
Chrome Soft golf balls. Retail value: $37.99

Willett currently resides in Rotherham, Yorkshire with his wife and son.  His son was born just before his 2016 Masters victory.  He currently ranks 17th in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Retailers That Accept Bitcoin

Retailers That Accept Bitcoin
Retailers That Accept Bitcoin

A couple years ago I found a $20 bill in the parking lot outside a movie theater.  Nobody was around so I decided to keep the money.  “Finders Keepers” they say.  Cash has become incredibly more difficult to keep up with in the present day of credit and debit cards.  Fact is credit and debit card transactions have increased dramatically over the past five years.  In fact, you can now store your cards on your phone.  You don’t ever have to reach into your wallet to pull it out in some cities.  With these recent technological advances in payment methods, we have bitcoin.

Bitcoin has become widely more popular in recent years due to mainstream coverage and wider acceptance of the currency.  A few years ago, there weren’t any retailers that accepted bitcoin; however, it has become much more mainstream and today there are many retailers that accept bitcoin.  Bitcoin hasn’t come without it’s challenges though.  There have been many hurdles the currency had to overcome.  A lack of ability to regulate payments and their origins has scared off many governments to making bitcoin part of their monetary policy.  In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss’ bitcoin ETF they were trying to introduce.

Despite the hurdles that still exist for bitcoin in the future, it has come a long way in development over the past few years and leading the charge is retailers that accept bitcoin.  Many bitcoin believers think that wider use and acceptance of bitcoin will lead to a great future for the block-chain currency.

Biggest Retailers that accept bitcoin:– Online retailer with deals on everything for your home and your family

DISH Network– American direct-broadcast satellite service provider

Expedia– Online travel retailer– Website creation tool

1-800-Flowers– Floral gift retailer

Zynga– Mobile gaming company

The company that sticks out to me is because they were the first major retailer that began accepting bitcoin payments on their site.  In fact, back in 2014 when they began accepting the currency sales were averaging around $15,000 a day on bitcoin transactions alone for the site.  Paying for bitcoins is also very simple at retailers.  As simple as adding a credit card to your payment information in fact.

Retailers that Accept Bitcoin has now been accepting bitcoins on their site for almost three years.  They have repeatedly explained the benefits they see to accepting bitcoin and have advocated that other retailers accept bitcoin.  Some retailers are still hesitant to accept it due to the volatility that can exist.  Although the volatility has stabilized in recent months, the SEC rejection of a bitcoin ETF showed the currency still wasn’t mature enough to prevent drastic volatility as it dropped 18% upon the news.

For a comprehensive link of retailers that accept bitcoin: Click Here

Do you have bitcoins?  What places would you like to see start accepting bitcoin payments?