4 Free Online Budgeting Courses to Take Advantage of

As the years progress people keeping finding themselves more and more in debt to creditors. There are some online resources who have deemed this as a major problem. In their efforts to help people better understand money management there are multiple websites that now offer free budgeting courses. If you’re currently struggling with your debt load be sure to act on these courses below.

Financial Literacy by Alison

If you’ve ever looked into taking online courses than you’ve definitely heard of Alison. This is an online platform that was specifically established to help students learn a variety of courses for free. Its platform is easy to use and makes learning more fun with its interactive videos and assessments.

Financial Literacy is a free course offered at Alison that teaches all about personal financial management. This multimedia course will cover:

  • Money Management Practices
  • Budgeting and Savings
  • How To Manage Debt Correctly
  • Knowledge About Government Benefits, Wages, and Taxes

This is really a one-stop place to learn everything from setting up your first checking account to understanding your net worth. This is a fantastic guide to planning out your financial future.

Money Management by Head Matters

The creators of this course had one thing in mind, to teach average people how to management money. They believe money management is a skill that everyone should have at their disposal, so they can use it for the rest of their lives.

Money Management is completed through a module setup. It’s easy to use. You will learn the following:

  • Why Personal Finance Is Important To Learn
  • How Having Limited Finances Can Alter Life Decisions
  • Understand Needs Vs. Wants
  • Help To Identify Financial Risks To Limit Losses
  • Create Financial Goals, Budget Plans, Investing Plans, Savings Plans, and Insurance Plans

Personal Budgeting Course By Home Budget Help

This course is divided into 5 different sections to help you better understand budgeting. These sections include:

  1. Understand Zero-Based Budgeting
  2. Begin Budgeting Money By Paycheck
  3. Getting Ready
  4. Income First
  5. Figuring Expenses

Personal Budgeting is less interactive than the first two. It does have a wealth of knowledge but is more setup as an informative book than a course. If you learn best from books and don’t care for comprehension assessments than this is the online course best fitted for you.

Budgeting 101 by Credit.org

If you’ve never visited Credit.org you need too. This site is packed full of financial resources to help you understand any financial decision throughout your life. When it comes to budgeting they do have 3 different courses, including Power of Paycheck Planning, Budgeting 101, and Budget 911. This online resource offers other money-related courses as well.

Budgeting 101 is a simple course that introduces individuals to the concept of budgeting. It will go over the following:

  • How To Track Your Spending
  • How To Calculate Your Income
  • How To Set Financial Goals
  • How To Create Your Budget Plan

This course comes along with a pre-test and final test so that you can check your comprehension of the matter. This is a work-at-your-own-pace course, which makes it great to do in your free time.

With so many free online budgeting courses available, there’s no reason you should continue to struggle with your finances. It’s time to expand your knowledge about money management and be on the way to creating your own financial freedom. Take advantage of at least one of these courses above to get started. You’ll thank yourself in the future for taking the time to learn about money management today.

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